The State of Growth Survey 2024

Are You a Growth Professional Driving Results for Your Company?

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A Global Research On The Work of Growth

Are you a founder, a growth hacker, product manager, marketer, or anyone passionate about business growth? Your participation will help shape the future of the field by providing data on:

Metrics Benchmarks

How do your growth metrics compare to the market? Let's build benchmarks for conversion rates, acquisition and retention metrics across industries

Growth Tools

What tools is your team using in your growth efforts? Let's build a guide to help other professionals

AI in Growth

What impact has AI had so far in your results and productivity?


How is your team streamlining experiments, what are the main golas and challenges, and what results are being achieved?

Success Stories

Tell the world what your growth team has been able to achieve and become amd example for other teams

Growth Career Development

What are your main challenges you are facing to propel your career forward?

Get Early Access to Growth Benchmarks

The growth landscape is a fast-paced battlefield, and staying ahead of the curve requires constant learning and adaptation. This research offers you a powerful opportunity to contribute to the industry’s knowledge base and gain a crucial edge.

Your responses will be anonymized and aggregated to build the blocks for groundbreaking industry benchmarks.

By participating, you’ll not only be shaping the future of growth hacking, but also securing early access to this exclusive report.

Imagine having a clear picture of where the industry stands, what strategies are driving results, and which emerging trends hold the most promise. These benchmarks will be your secret weapon, allowing you to benchmark your team’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and adopt the tactics that are truly moving the needle

Shine a Light on Your Growth Superstars

Though Leadership in The Growth Community

This survey isn’t just about gathering data – it’s about giving you and your growth team a voice.  That’s why we’ve included open-ended questions that delve deeper into your experiences and insights.

If you’d like to take it a step further, you can opt in to have your quotes shared non-anonymously.

Imagine this: your growth team’s insights and strategies featured alongside industry thought leaders in our final report. This is your chance to establish yourselves as authorities within the growth hacking community, and to receive the credit and recognition your team deserves.

Why Participate?

First-Hand Access

Respondents will be the first to receive the final report and will be able to compare how they stack against the market

Spotlight on Your Growth Expertise

You'll can opt in to have your quotes and success stories featured in the final report. Establish though leadership, and give your team the recognition they deserve!

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