GrowthHackers Conference 2023

100% Online | October 17th 2023

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Date and time

Tue, October 17, 2023
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Pacific Time


100% Online

About #GHCONF23

Join us for the 8th edition of the GrowthHackers Conference, a full-day online event on October 17th, bringing together growth enthusiasts from around the globe. This conference is tailored for professionals in growth, marketing, product, experimentation, innovation, CRO and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to driving business growth through experimentation. 

Gain invaluable insights from growth leaders at top companies like Adobe, Amazon, Etsy, and more, as they share proven strategies, case studies, and industry trends that can transform the way you approach growth. You will learn how to optimize marketing strategies, harness the power of AI in growth, and drive product innovation in any economy.

For those seeking a deeper dive or the option to revisit sessions, recordings can be purchased, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Register now for the GrowthHackers Conference and let’s shape the future of growth together.


Join us for a live transmission on October 17th, where you will be able to interact with our global community and ask questions to the event speakers. We will get together from 9 am PT (Pacific Time US) for a full day of learning led by top growth experts. Please note times are approximate and subject to change. To learn at your own pace, check our on-demand ticket option.

09:00 a.m. PT

Pedro Clivati - Head of Growth @ GrowthHackers

A growth operation can be in different maturity stage, from a task and revenue-driven attitude, up to a data and experimentation-driven culture. The last and most advanced stage is the learning-driven one – where companies are learning as part of the experimentation process. In this talk, Pedro will share the importance of becoming a learning-driven org and how to get there!

09:30 a.m. PT

Matt Lerner - Founder and CEO @ SYSTM (formerly Startup Core Strengths)

Matt’s First Round Capital post about the topic created a buzz in Silicon Valley, challenging startups to get their language right first, as a validation step, even before raising cash or building products. In this talk, he will review the neuroscience behind why language holds such power in marketing, plus lots of examples. And he’ll share a four-step framework for how to find exactly the right words so your customers feel like you’ve read their minds.

10:00 a.m. PT

Christina Leigh Morgan - Mobile Growth @ Adobe

By now we all know that retaining a user is 5x more cost-effective than acquiring a new one, but the next question then of course is: how? In this keynote, Christina Leigh Morgan, 3x head of growth and mobile growth strategist for Adobe Lightroom, unpacks the science behind marrying engagement marketing, product engagement, and network effects to power defensible, sustainable growth.

10:30 a.m. PT

Guillaume Cabane - Co-Founder and GP @ HyperGrowth Partners

Outbound hasn’t changed in the last 10 years, but it’s about to, thanks to AI. Since his time at Segment and Drift, Guillaume Cabane has pioneered hyper-personalized outbound at scale. In this keynote learn from the master himself how to run high-scale, ultra low-CAC outbound sequences that are fully automated thanks to LLM. After this keynote, you’ll never hire an SDR again; instead, just automate your prospecting process with the AI Outbound stack — from first touch, to lead scoring, all the way down to booking a meeting. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to scale your pipeline with AI, adding the next leg up in your company’s growth journey!

10:50 a.m. PT

Seth Familian - Director, Global Advisory Services @ Twilio Segment

Businesses today are awash with customer data, yet they still struggle to capture, unify, and activate that data to its fullest potential. By working with thousands of businesses, from SMB to Enterprise, Twilio Segment has literally written the playbook on Customer Data Maturity. In this presentation, that book’s author, Seth Familian, will walk through the phases and stages of Segment’s proven Customer Data Maturity Model, showing Growth Hackers how to take their data-driven engagement to the next level. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re looking to uplevel your existing CDP capabilities, this session is for you!

11:20 a.m. PT

Rose Jia - Head of Growth Marketing @ Amazon Grocery

Learn from award-winning Amazon leader, Rose Jia, how to guarantee innovation and sales growth in any economic situation. She’ll walk through some case studies and tried-and-true hacks as well as a net-new mindset to help you tap into growth.

12:00 p.m. PT

Lunch Break

01:00 p.m. PT

Sofía Ondina-Arias - Growth @ YouTube Shorts & Music

Join Sofía Ondina-Arias, Growth expert at YouTube Shorts and Music, as she dives into collaborating with creators and artists to drive growth. Sofía will share actionable insights on how to leverage the unique strengths of creators and artists to amplify your reach and engage the right audience. She will also share best practices for using short-form video to maximize results.

01:20 p.m. PT

Benjamin S. Skrainka - Data Science Manager, Experimentation @ Ebay

In this keynote, Benjamin will discuss how to improve experimentation culture, infrastructure, and methodology throughout an organization using a maturity model. We will go through how to build a maturity model, benchmarks for performance, and key strategies to catalyze organizational change.

01:40 p.m. PT

Sophia Huang - Co-Founder @ Stealth Startup, ex- PM, Experimentation at Playstation

Delve into the ‘Triple R’ obstacles of A/B testing culture: Resistance from teams unaccustomed to change, Resource constraints hindering consistent testing, and the Reality of managing expectations. This talk illuminates these challenges, offering insights to fortify your testing strategy and foster a truly data-driven organizational mindset.

02:10 p.m. PT

Abhimanyu K (Abhi) Agarwal - IBM

Benjamin S. Skrainka - Ebay

Sophia Huang - Stealth Startup

How the rapidly evolving tech landscape has impacted the work of growth teams? Join the discussion that looks into the present and future of how new AI tools are shifting the way growth teams operate and experiment far beyond content creation.

02:50 p.m. PT

Dr. And Ozbay - Head of Experimentation Platform and Science @ Etsy

Join Dr. Ozbay as he delves into the transformative impact of AI and experimentation on business growth. Gain invaluable insights on translating experimental results into actionable business decisions and embracing calculated risks to drive growth. Get ready to peer into the future as he unveils the latest trends in AI, experimentation, and growth. This captivating keynote equips you with the tools and mindset to be forward-thinking in your approach to experimentation and AI.

03:15 p.m. PT

Indraneil Banerjee - Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Productlutions, Ex-GoDaddy, Velo Bank

Join Indraneil Banerjee as he discusses approaches to achieving and maintaining Product-Market Fit (PMF) in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. In the pursuit of PMF, businesses often face the challenge of adapting to ever-changing customer demands and market dynamics. Indraneil will share strategies for leveraging product experimentation to refine, validate, and optimize the fit between your product and its target market. PMF is a moving target. It’s about continually understanding your customers, adapting to their changing needs, and delivering value in a way that meets or exceeds their expectations. “It’s a journey, not a destination”.

03:40 p.m. PT

Josh Zaldana - Growth @ Meta

By leveraging the potential of experimentation companies can unlock new avenues for growth, customer acquisition, and revenue generation. We’ll explore the methodologies and best practices behind strategic website experimentation, highlighting how it can fuel innovation, optimize user experiences, and maximize conversion rates.

04:05 p.m. PT

Sean Ellis - Founder @ GrowthHackers and Growth VP @ Bounce

Unleashing Growth: Overcoming the Challenges of Running a Successful Company-Wide Growth Program

Let’s face it: most companies fail when implementing a cross-functional growth initiative. In this keynote, Sean will highlight the pitfalls that stand in the way of success and provide you with actionable guidance for overcoming these challenges.

A Unique One Day Event

Imagine being in the midst of a community that lives and breathes growth hacking.Whether you’re a growth specialist seeking innovative marketing strategies, a product manager hungry for new avenues of innovation, or launching a new product, this conference is your golden ticket to unlocking breakthrough growth.

No matter where you are in the world, you can join us on October 17th for a full day of growth-focused learning and inspiration. We understand the power of connecting a global community of ambitious professionals who are dedicated to driving business growth through experimentation. That’s why we’ve transformed this year’s conference into a virtual experience, ensuring that everyone can seize this incredible opportunity.

This is your chance to tap into the collective wisdom of growth leaders, learn from their successes (and failures), and fuel your own experimentation-driven growth initiatives. Gain the tools, techniques, and inspiration needed to thrive in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Confirmed Speakers

Sean is co-author of “Hacking Growth” and founder of GrowthHackers. He has a long track of helping companies like Dropbox and LogMeIn grow. Sean was also the one to coin the therm “growth hacker”. 


Benjamin S. Skrainka is an experimentation expert and thought leader in data science and causal inference whose unique insights have empowered numerous clients and stakeholders to make better decisions. With an AB Physics from Princeton and an MSc & PhD in Economics from UCL, he brings a unique interdisciplinary approach to growth hacking and experimentation.

Ben honed his skills in developing and executing data-driven experimentation strategies to drive business growth at industry giants such as Amazon and eBay, hypergrowth startups, and Alchemy Data Science LLC, a consultancy he founded.

Currently, he serves as a data science manager at eBay, where he provides thought leadership to drive experimentation culture and methodology across the organization. 

Data Science Manager, Experimentation

Christina is a 3x head of growth, startup advisor and venture scout currently leading Mobile Growth at Adobe on Lightroom.

At Adobe her team is focused on growth strategy, ASO, and engagement marketing for Lightroom Mobile, as well as mobile marketing attribution across Adobe’s portfolio.

In both 0-1 and enterprise environments, Christina is motivated to simplify the formula of growth to enable teams across Product, Analytics, and Marketing to find the fast-moving water – and scale – through experimentation.

Mobile Growth

Dr. And Ozbay is an accomplished executive leader and data strategist with over 20 years of experience in the field. He has a strong track record of scaling engineering and data science teams, influencing organizational culture towards embracing data-driven decision-making and implementing machine learning and AI techniques across various industries.

Currently, Dr. Ozbay serves as the Head of Experimentation Platform and Science at Etsy, where has successfully revamped the platform’s architecture and introduced cutting-edge experimentation methodologies.

Head of Experimentation Platform and Science @

Rose Jia is an award-winning marketing and product leader who currently heads up growth marketing for Amazon’s omnichannel grocery division, including brands like Amazon Fresh. She and her team drive profitable growth through awareness, discovery, conversion, partnerships, and go-to-market initiatives. She is also the creator of the Renaissance Marketer™ Mindset — a new way for marketers to guarantee growth and innovation.

Through her tried-and-true ways of tapping into the Renaissance Marketer Mindset, she has been able to leverage her multidisciplinary background, long-term investment thinking, and balance of art/creativity and science/measurement to build patented innovative products and solutions across numerous industries.

Head of Growth Marketing, Amazon Grocery @

Josh Zaldana is a seasoned growth marketer with over 7 years of experience specializing in conversion rate optimization. With a keen understanding of web optimization and generating data insights, Josh has a strong track record of driving business growth and optimizing marketing strategies at companies like Evernote, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Klaviyo, and Meta (formerly Facebook).

Their expertise lies in identifying conversion bottlenecks, devising effective strategies, and implementing A/B tests to optimize growth cycles and maximize customer acquisition and retention.

Growth @

Sofía Ondina Arias is a Growth Marketer at Youtube Shorts, specifically focused on getting engaged viewers to create & lightweight creators to create more through on-platform campaigns that leverage music-based trends and product education. Previously, Sofía was a Strategy & Operations Associate at Google Ads Marketing where she joined after graduating undergrad at University of Michigan.  friends, and family to put them on the best emerging artists.

Growth @ YouTube Shorts & Music

A 15-year Silicon Valley veteran, Matt was part of the early growth team at PayPal, and a Partner with the VC fund 500 Startups. Since founding Startup Core Strengths, Matt has worked with over 200 seed-stage startups to help them develop and execute their growth strategies. He’s been featured in the First Round Review and the Harvard Business School podcast, and he’s guest lectured at Stanford Business School.

Founder & CEO @ SYSTM (formerly Startup Core Strengths)

Art entrepreneur turned tech product manager with a data science master’s. Blending art’s creativity with a hacker’s mindset, crafting innovative software solutions and driving meaningful impact. On a mission to empower artists and creators with generative AI next. 

Co-Founder @ Stealth Startup. Ex- Senior Product Manager, Experimentation at Playstation

Digital thought leader with experience with various growth verticals, managing and delivering digital products at scale across a portfolio of products for retail markets, financial markets, and B2B emerging markets. Indraneil is an experienced product  leader who has led growth, monetization and innovation efforts for companies like GoDaddy, Velo Bank, and Rakuten Rewards. He has recently started Prodlutions LLC, where he is helping companies build better products and set them up for success operationally.

Co-Founder/ Managing Partner at Prodlutions LLC Ex: GoDaddy, Velo Bank and Rakuten

Guillaume Cabane is a growth advisor to high Growth SaaS Startups, including Ramp, Airbyte, G2, Gorgias, Metadata, Madkudu, and others.
Guillaume held VP of Growth roles at Drift, Segment, and other successful startups, where he helped them grow from ~50 to 300. Prior, Guillaume spent 6 years at Apple. 

Co-Founder and GP @ HyperGrowth Partners, Advisor to high-growth startups

As the leader of Segment’s Advisory practice at Twilio Segment, Seth Familian guides Segment’s largest customers on data architecture strategy, growth marketing innovation, and data governance optimization. After 10 years of running his own data strategy consultancy and performing Segment-first strategy, integration work, and growth hacking, Seth joined Segment in 2018 as a seasoned Solutions Architect. He gravitated towards large, complex, strategy-focused projects, which led him to found the Advisory Services practice in 2020. This year, Seth authored and published Customer Data Maturity: A Step-by-Step guide to making the most of your Customer Data Platform.

Director, Global Advisory Services @ Twilio Segment

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