Who's it for?

Specially made for:

Content Teams: producing various formats of content and going through multiples steps of approval and reiterations.

Social Media Teams: distribution on facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram and other social medias.

SEO Teams: responsible for keeping track of organic results, keyword performance, SERPs improvements, analytics data.

Agencies: managing content production and distribution for multiple customers at once.

Communication Teams: internal communications, releases, memos, corporative governance and more.

What does it do?

  • Document Your Strategy

    Map our persona description, buyers stage, keywords, tags, tone of voice and connect those with your content.

  • Editorial Line

    Suggest and receive suggestions of content ideas, approve it and schedule the starting date of the production.

  • Produce Content

    Choose your content types, templates, workflows, deadlines - and after connecting all the dots, create your content.

  • Publish and Distribute

    Drag-and-drop editorial calendar integrated with blogs and social media, you can schedule and publish your pieces automatically.

  • Analyze and Improve

    Analytics integration digest your traffic data, cross-match with your mapped audience and gives you daily insights of opportunities.

  • Marketplace

    +2k certified content professionals at your disposal to be filtered and hired on-demand by your team whenever needed.

  • Workflow

    Create as many steps as needed for each content, set deadlines for each stage, assign the responsible, set subtasks and let it play out.

  • Access Control

    Define the types of users in your team and their level of permission, controlling precisely what each actor can or can't do/see.

  • API

    Want to distribute your content on WordPress, or your in-house-built CMS, or in your company intranet or anywhere? Our API will do the job.

  • Data Storage

    Want to upload long-form videos, company PDFs, large documents, a repository of images, your branding guide? We've got you covered.

Who's using it?

Used by the best-in-class:

What do our customers say about us?

Pamela Chew (Content Director at GoBear):
"Workflow has transformed and simplified GoBear’s content creation and management process and has been instrumental to the company’s growth as it realigns its business strategy."

Ana Sordo (Team Manager, Awareness and Acquisition Marketing at Hubspot):
"Comparing our process before and after Workflow, we've identified an improvement of 83% in our reviewing time."

Vaishali Kasturia (Head-Content Ops International and Digital at Zee5):
"Getting the entire organization to start using Workflow is our priority. This project helped us change the company's content culture with automations and more productivity."

Mary Lou Liebau (Former General Manager at Top5.com):
"Now that I have Workflow, I can invest more time reading and searching for information and as a result, I’m able to publish even more quality content on Top 5's website every month and make sure my whole team, wherever they are, is collaborating with each other and pointing together to the same direction."

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