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Still managing growth testing with spreadsheets?

Use GrowthHackers Projects to capture ideas, experiment and learn.

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Ideas are the fuel that drive growth

Spreadsheets are where ideas go to die. With GrowthHackers Projects every idea is formally captured and categorized.

Formalize idea input

Categorize ideas by growth lever, add attachments and custom tags.

Easily compare ideas

Every idea is scored based on its potential impact, confidence of success and ease of testing.

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Collaborative workflow for your growth projects

The best growth organizations understand that high tempo testing leads to breakthrough results. Identify the best ideas, launch tests and share learnings.

Manage testing

Set testing tempo goals, focus areas, assign project managers and keep the team engaged in discussion.

Total visibility

Easily view all active tests as they progress through the testing workflow and share results company-wide.

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Integrate with your favorite tools

GrowthHackers Projects has several integrations with your growth and marketing stack - and we’ve got many more in the pipeline.

Implementation solutions

Stay in sync with integrations like Optimizely for A/B tests or run complex tests with JIRA.

Communications solutions

Slack and HipChat integrations keep your team notified when ideas move through the workflow.

Purpose-built for managing growth

Set testing tempo goals

More tests can equal more growth. Set and communicate your testing goals with the team.

Track weekly ideas

Refresh the backlog. Tracking and reporting weekly ideas keeps the full team accountable.

Communicate growth focus

High leverage growth opportunities are easily communicated as your business evolves.

Track weekly tests launched

Testing drives growth. Help your team keep score and stay accountable to weekly test launches.

Recognize top idea creators

Celebrate the team members that are the most committed to generating winning ideas.

Track your wins and losses

Understanding your weekly wins and losses helps you categorize your learning.

Why do the smartest teams use Projects?

“We use Projects as a 'selling point' that is part of our pitch to attract new clients.”

Emma C.

“We tried a bunch of other stuff like Trello and when I found Projects it was a 'hallelujah moment!'”

Joni L.

“GrowthHackers Projects has definitely helped us become more organized and keep us pointed in the right direction. I'd be extremely disappointed if it went away tomorrow.”

Micah C.

“It’s the best way to follow the growth process as a team.”

Alexis D.

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