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LiquidPlanner’s growth team understands that consistent and organized testing and optimization have a large impact on business growth. Their growth team formed to drive optimizations that would have material impact on their business. Growth is a subset of LiquidPlanner’s marketing department and meets biweekly to discuss testing strategy and results.

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liquid planner
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About LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is the only resource-driven, predictive project management solution for fast-moving teams in manufacturing and technology. Their software is used by thousands of businesses around the world.

Industry: Project Management Software

Company size: 50-100

Location: Seattle, Washington

The Challenge

Time constraints are the biggest challenges facing LiquidPlanner growth team. All of the members of their growth team have additional responsibilities aside from optimization, making it challenging to manage a combination of spreadsheets and their own project management solution to facilitate growth.

Frustrated with the lack of visibility into concluded tests and structure in their testing and optimization efforts, LiquidPlanner’s growth team set out to find a tool that could help alleviate the pains involved with testing.

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Experience with Projects

In March 2016, LiquidPlanner’s team began using Projects to manage their growth. To quote Dana Silverman from Liquid Planner,

“The organization provided by the Growth Hackers’ Projects tool has created a much more structured and efficient use of our team’s growth efforts.

It was extremely easy to get started with Projects. The UI is extremely intuitive and the tool provided so many benefits over our previous process that our team was genuinely excited to dive in and explore.

Projects has kept our testing and optimization efforts structured in a way that we did not have in the past. We have excellent insight into concluded tests, results and a very clear path forward.

My favorite feature of Projects is the ability to tie tests to Roadmap goals. This allows us to prioritize and align our optimizations with broader business goals.”

The Results

In the last year, LiquidPlanner has increased their paid media landing page conversion rates over 50% through continued testing and optimization. This has resulted in a significant increase in lead volume and decrease in CPA. Projects has been a large driver of our success.

50% paid media landing page conversions rates increase
Increase in lead volume & decrease in CPA
More time spent testing & less time spent managing spreadsheets

From The Client

“I would recommend Projects to anyone who is focused on optimization and testing. Projects is the only tool I’ve found that keeps testing organized, prioritized and most importantly tied to business goals.”

Dana Silverman

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