GrowthHackers Projects: Purpose-built for growth.

Growth collaboration software for teams

Projects is purpose-built software for an agile approach to growth. Its collaborative features keep your team on the same page as you accelerate your experimentation and learning process, which ultimately leads to the single most important goal - growth.

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Focus your team on high impact, short term objectives.

Add, organize, and prioritize your team’s ideas.

Plan, run and analyze your team’s experiments.

Keep experiment results in a centralized knowledge base.

Centralize growth with seamless integrations


View real-time A/B test data and screenshots and store past variants in your project.


Create tickets for ideas that require development with one simple click.

Slack & HipChat

Keep your team up to date on growth objectives, ideas, and experiments.


Create your custom workflows with the tools your team uses today

“I would recommend Projects to anyone who is focused on optimization and testing. Projects is the only tool I’ve found that keeps testing organized, prioritized and most importantly tied to business goals.”
Dana Silverman from LiquidPlanner

Dana Silverman

Liquid Planner

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Built for Growth
  • starting price per month
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  • No file size limits
  • Slack / HipChat integration
  • Optimizely integration
  • JIRA integration
  • Growth Success Manager
  • Scales with your business
  • Content recovery


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