GrowthHackers Projects

GrowthHackers Projects helps your team stay aligned around strategic growth opportunities and coordinate roles and responsibilities for driving breakout growth results.

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Why use GrowthHackers Projects?

Focus Team on Best Opportunities

Focus your team on the best opportunities for growth.

As efforts get diluted across too many activities, teams get frustrated by a lack of results.

With GrowthHackers Projects, strategic opportunities for expanding customer value are captured and shared throughout the organization.

Execution and progress against these opportunities is tracked for accountability and recognition.

Track Ideation & Testing Velocity

Track your team's ideation and testing velocity.

Each new discovery starts with an idea and a test.

By measuring the input of ideas and testing, your company can start to gain some predictability around the output of long-term sustainable growth.

Equally important to the overall volume of ideas and testing, teams need to direct their execution toward the best strategic opportunities.

GrowthHackers Projects measures the throughput of your ideas and testing as they related to your most important strategic opportunities.

Recognize Key Growth Contributors

Recognize your key contributors to growth results.

With GrowthHackers Projects, you are able to recognize both the creative people who generate the ideas and the teams they work with to execute them.

As teams are recognized and praised for their contributions, they are much more likely to dig deep to generate additional breakthrough ideas and work to execute the best ideas.

This helps to accelerate a culture of growth and experimentation built on expanding customer value.

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