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Great slides by Rand Fishkin on what makes an effective content marketing strategy. He outlines 5 reasons why your strategy might fail:

  1. You believed the biggest myth content marketing ever told the world

  2. You made content without a community

  3. You invested in content creation, but not in it's amplification

  4. You ignored content's most powerful channel: SEO

  5. You gave up too fast

  • NK

    noah kagan

    almost 7 years ago #

    Holy moly this was meaty and really insightful. Dude is good!

  • CS

    Chris Sanfilippo

    almost 7 years ago #

    To add to #5 "You gave up way too soon", I think promoting your "epic content" is a long term investment. If you're creating content that will be highly valuable and relevant a year or two from now, don't stop promoting it.

    How to do it:
    1.) Continue experimenting with different FB audiences
    2.) Continue to linkbuild and do outreach using Brian Deans Skyscraper method and other mutually helpful link building methods.
    3.) Mention it and link to it in your future content efforts when relevant
    4.) Add it to your email newsletter template
    5.) Continuously experiment with different channels/platforms (outbrain, nrelate etc.)
    6.) Set Google alerts/Mention alerts for relevant keywords to find opportunities to bring up the resource in Q&A/Forum sites and on Social Media

  • SM

    Stuart McKeown

    almost 7 years ago #

    Met the guys from Beardbrand when they were out in Australia about a month ago, they know what they're doing & have built a really awesome brand. Really glad to see them in this deck :) Made me smile.

  • BR

    bastien rabaute

    almost 7 years ago #

    Thanks for sharing.

    But once said, as always, execution matters and that's the toughest.

  • SO

    Sean Oliver

    almost 7 years ago #

    One of the best explanations of how content marketing really works that I've seen in a while. Thanks for sharing, Casey!

  • DM

    Dale Morris

    almost 7 years ago #

    Hmm...Yeah "them remember" great point! Also am grokking the buzzssumo link - worth the whole slide deck in info.

  • AK

    Andy Keil

    almost 7 years ago #

    Big fan of the beard use.

  • DF

    David Fallarme

    almost 7 years ago #

    I love that last quote: "The price of success is failure after failure after failure." Thanks for sharing!

  • DL

    Dylan La Com

    almost 7 years ago #

    Really great slides by Rand. His example of how content marketing actually works is spot on.

  • SC

    Shana Carp

    almost 7 years ago #

    Content marketing == branding? I'm curious now.

  • SR

    sriram rb

    almost 7 years ago #

    Awesome insights

  • TM

    Tom Maiaroto

    almost 7 years ago #

    First off - awesome tips throughout here! Lots of good info.

    Just one thought though...Slide #16 isn't completely true...It's really because we lack the tools to accurate track those situations. Content marketing, of course, is not 100% responsible for our sales. Though casting a wider net (especially given that there's almost no cost these days) is something you'd be foolish not to do.

    Here's a real scenario: Cave man see site. Cave man remember. Next time cave man in Target, cave man buys product. Where's the tracking on that? Non-existent.

    In some cases we are actually destroying trust and loyalty with some of this internet content marketing. Be careful about that too.

    As with anything, moderation my friends.

  • TK

    Tom Kuhr

    almost 7 years ago #

    Meaty, and simple enough to discuss with non-hackers. Nice job @randfish

  • SK

    sabina kroes

    almost 7 years ago #

    This is great !!! and funny too :-)) good content marketing. I read. I follow. I share

  • SJ

    Sebastian James

    almost 7 years ago #

    Simply brilliant. Thanks for the tool tips as well!

  • EM

    Elia Morling

    almost 7 years ago #

    This was the SlideShare of the Year! Precious insights in highly condensed format.

  • KF

    Kieran Flanagan

    almost 7 years ago #

    It's a really good deck. I would love to have heard what Rand said about the example he used from my Tweet. It seemed like he said the post he arrived on at too many CTA's. I don't think CTA's are a problem if they are secondary to the content and pretty relevant to what you are reading.

    I do agree that most brands think content = sales, when it's impossible to measure content like that. I actually wrote a post about content ROI and how I think it's a myth (http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/content-roi-is-a-myth-tl).

    One of the stand out points in that deck is brands giving up too quickly. That is sometimes not down to choice. It's really competitive to get attention for your content today. Some brands may just not have the capital to play the long game with content.

  • RM

    Romeo Man

    almost 7 years ago #

    Awesome stuff

  • TO

    Thomas Oppong

    almost 7 years ago #

    The money is in the user relationship. It pays to nurture.

  • DG

    David Gregory

    almost 7 years ago #

    Great insight here, thanks! Especially the thinking around inspiring a community.
    I think people typically share things is if it either a) enhances their image of a passion they have to their community b) it is useful to their community.
    We're building a tool using data for content marketing- would love feedback at launch www.xflexnow.com (premium access of course!).

  • KV

    kees van den Bos

    almost 7 years ago #

    Awesome slides, thanks! Going to be useful for my students..

  • DD

    Dustin Drees

    almost 7 years ago #

    Most slidedecks are pretty meaningless on their own, this one was superb.