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Hi GrowthHackers, I work in IT outsourcing and we work a lot on our positioning and value proposition. This is how our value proposition sounds at the moment: "We help tech companies scale engineering capacity and deliver great software". Yet I hesitate if it makes sense and resonates for other people :) Would be nice to hear the thoughts of the community. Thanks in advance!

  • SK

    Sean Kirby

    8 months ago #

    It doesn't really sound like a tagline. Those tend to be shorter and catchier. And often there is more of an emotional appeal to them. It's about invoking a brand essence more than defining a value proposition in itself. Nike (Just do it) and Apple (Think different) are good examples. You wouldn't know what these companies do from these taglines, but you get a sense of what their brand is about at its core.

    What you're presenting seems more like a value positioning statement, so I'll critique it as that.

    I like that you call out your audience and speak to the benefits over features or a straight description of your business category. I do think it can be further refined, though.

    "Scale engineering capacity" is a bit jargony. Try to communicate that thought in a simpler, more straightforward manner that connects with your audience. Do they really think to themselves, we need to scale engineering capacity or do they think how are we going to get all this done?

    "Great software" is a generic phrase. Everyone claims their stuff is great. But what does that actually mean? What makes it great?

    Finally, I think you need some sort of differentiator in there. Why should tech companies choose you over other IT outsourcing companies?

    Best of luck.

    • NB

      Nataliya Bubniuk

      8 months ago #

      Hi Sean,
      Thanks for a detailed feedback. It's very useful to hear a thought from a non-engaged person.
      And you're right. This is a value proposition, not a tagline.

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