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I grew my account to around 15k followers just by engaging and follow/unfollow etc usual methods without doing any sort of botting. In my best month I gained 3.5k followers. Now if I start following people, instagram makes me change my password and says my account was compromised with a service to help me get more likes and followers. I presume that I am doing things too fast but even after following a small amount of 50 people, it happens and after I change my password I can't do anything on the account for a week. It seems like I need to start a new account as my account is just in a list now? P.s. I know my account isn't compromised as I've had to change my password 15 times and I have 2fa enabled.

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    alice styles

    5 months ago #

    The only option you have is to keep contacting Instagram support and wait for them answer without getting disappointed.