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I have a client who is unsure which SMS platform he wants to use for his restaurant - his goal is to increase sales by texting customers daily specials. I recommended Textedly but he is still unsure. Can anyone make a recommendation on a SMS platform for a small business/restaurant?

  • SS

    Sushil Sharma

    9 months ago #

    Hey Justin,

    For one of our client we are using Twilio - https://www.twilio.com/sms they offer seem less integration options, you can add it to your client's app or website too. We and our client is very satisfied with it. Try once.

  • GG

    Gautham Geddam

    9 months ago #

    A complete crm tool with insights And data segregation tool would be more apt, check out http://www.receptio.in

  • AF

    Alec Foster

    9 months ago #

    You should check out Hustle (hustle.com). If you want to use it for marketing to text prior customers, most of your numbers will be unusable unless they complete a double opt in process as required by the 1991 TCPA. Hustle let's you text numbers you already have without the requirements affecting mass text tools because each message is sent individually. That doesn't mean slow though, you can easily send 2000 personalized texts in am hours with the phone or web app, and manage responses as they come in.

    Disclosure: I work for Hustle. But I also used it before joining the team and think it's best in class.

  • KP

    Kritika Pandey

    4 months ago #

    I don't know about SMS but yes I can recommend some best restaurant management software for your client that can help him track the customers and to deal with them smoothly. https://www.softwaresuggest.com/us/restaurant-bar-software

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