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I've been thinking about how to drive more engagement with the brand, drive more loyal customers and also to build more community (by integrating content/social channels) by integrating our content we are producing into the product itself. Have you seen this done well anywhere, and if so - any cool examples?

  • VV

    Vincent van Scherpenseel

    over 3 years ago #

    We're in the process of doing exactly that. ContentKing (www.becontentking.com) is a content optimisation app, which provides actionable insights how to optimise your website for findability, social media and conversions. Having ran an online marketing firm for more than 8 years we've got significant content marketing expertise under our belts, which we captured in our test suite.

    Recently we added a knowledge base (ContentKing Academy) to our website, which explains the concepts behind our test suite. For example: we have a test that checks whether you don't have any links to redirects (wasting a search engine's crawl budget and leading to a slower user experience). At the same time we have a knowledge base article which explains everything you need to know about redirects (see: https://www.becontentking.com/academy/redirects/).

    One of the reasons to start this knowledge base was to drive relevant traffic to our website. But since the content in the knowledge base is highly relevant to our users as well, we're now working on integrating it within our product. This allows users to learn more about any topic covered in our product, without having to leave the app.

    Currently we're defining the workflow how to make sure that we have a central location for the content, which then gets syndicated to the website and the app.

    Contact me if you would like to know more or exchange ideas.

  • FP

    Fabien Pinckaers

    over 3 years ago #

    For some of our apps, we are actually doing the opposite: integrating the product directly in the landing page. That way people can play with the product directly as it's embedded in the landing page. Here is how it works for Odoo Timesheets:

    Another example here with Odoo Point of Sale:
    (since the application is bigger, we stopped embedding it, but it's directly accessible if you click on the right image: no signup)

  • HL

    Hans Lee

    over 3 years ago #

    For our product (visual content optimization with webcam eye tracking), we are creating a huge set of free examples inside the product of people optimizing websites, videos, ads, etc that is publicly searchable. This allows us to reference the content on our blog, pr, quora answers, etc and we are also adding in a customer spotlight where they can show off their own use cases. With this, we can reward the community by giving them free credits on our product the more they engage with sharing their own content. (Feedback loop)

    We are also moving to integrate "best practices" which come out of the content as tooltips through the product to guide people not just on how to use the product but what to do next with they are measuring.

    One key thing to look at is how can you make content creation sustainable over the long term in the product. A lot of times, knowledge bases or other elements are great for a few months, but then become stale. If you can create either a feedback loop which rewards people inside the company or customers outside, it can help make sure it doesn't get dropped when someone forgets to write a post one week or update an article.

  • PK

    Paul Kenjora

    over 3 years ago #

    Yeah we added a website cost calculator to our site: http://www.awarelabs.com/calculator/

    The plan is to add more of these tools, these kinds of tools really drive engagement and are on topic.

    We also dual purpose our guides: http://www.awarelabs.com/guide/

    On the outside they are SEO / conversion pages, on the inside they are actual step by step guides integrated into out product. We just expose less copy and remove the tools for the public side. Every time we add a guide, we add value to the product and marketing to the conversion funnel.

  • AM

    Adam Munton

    over 3 years ago #

    I would consider coming up with an integrated Content Marketing strategy first, and then use it to implement with SaaS and distribution channels such as Social Media to widen your reach. It's a good idea to think about how your content is going to form part of a bigger story. The aim is to try and keep your content assets connected.

    Try the CMI (Content Marketing Institute) for some more detailed advise that might help: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/

    Hope this helps.

  • OR

    Olga Rabo

    over 3 years ago #

    Well, the company I work for (this isn't a pitch) actually integrated products into content by creating shoppable content platforms that, in a nutshell, have pieces of content where readers can directly buy their products from (i.e. without any redirects). I guess that's the type of seamless integration you're looking for?

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