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I've seen so many models of retail websites, storage clouds or even writing the app. But I can't find something that fits me or makes me even discover the option of implementing it. 

As for example, a retail website offers credit for shopping, even Airbnb offers $25. For every friend invited on Dropbox you get space. On Evernote you get points.

We thought about points version, but it creates a full marketplace you have to build and test. Thus, we don't have time for that. 

  • HQ

    Hila Qu

    over 3 years ago #

    Hi Vlad,

    I remember one of our past AMA @ivankirigin 's company YesGraph is focused on automated referral systems, maybe worth checking out.

    Also, here are some posts from GH which might help:

    An Enormous List of Referral Tactics


  • RK

    Richard Kuwahara

    over 3 years ago #

    Whatever you choose, it should be something that ties back into your business. One of the reasons Dropbox's program worked so well (outside of a great product), was the incentive to the referrer/referee was directly related to what users found valuable about the product - extra space.

    For transactional websites, credits or gift cards are great.

    What is it that users find useful about your product that they would like? Since you're a freemium SaaS, you hopefully already know this because you have those features available in your paid tiers. For example, refer X number of people and get month free of Basic level ($X/mo value).

    • VC

      Vlad Calus

      over 3 years ago #

      That's what we figured out as well! Thank you anyway, your tip on Dropbox was really useful, got inspired to do something and test right now!

  • TP

    Tomasz Pindel

    about 3 years ago #

    Hi there! I totally agree with @Richard Kuwahara - "it should be something that ties back into your business".

    For instance, one of our customers at voucherify.io gives customers one free month of subscription for every new user acquired through referral code given by system. Once they have multiple free months customers can transform each free month into 5€ discount coupon which can be redeemed in online shop - selling the products related to services provided under subscription.

    If you know a bit of coding (or have a tech team), you can use voucherify.io API to model your 'friends refer friends' machinery. Frankly speaking, it is really easy to get something customized in low costs. Below you will find couple of links to pages which describe real use cases from Voucherify's customers:

    - http://www.voucherify.io/use-cases/
    - online marketplace: http://www.voucherify.io/usecase-online-marketplace
    - referral systems: http://www.voucherify.io/usecase-friends-refer-friends-program

    In Voucherify you can generate millions of unique codes which are modeled by following parameters:

    - You can group vouchers in campaigns and categories.
    - Depending on your strategy vouchers can be redeemed only once or multiple times.
    - Marketers and developers can activate vouchers at any time.
    - Voucher's lifetime is either limited or unlimited.
    - They offer two major types of vouchers - discount and gift vouchers.

    Discount voucher - You can choose one of three types of discounts:

    - amount (e.g. $10 off),
    - percent (e.g. 20% off),
    - unit (e.g. 2 piano lessons).

    Gift voucher

    - They are like pre-paid gift cards.
    - Redeemable once e.g. a fixed-price voucher for 3 hours golf course or redeemable multiple times against any of your product or service given a positive balance.
    - Amount is associated with the voucher.

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