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  • ES

    Emma Smith

    3 months ago #

    I have tried quite a few teams messaging app but the one I like the most is Slack & uShare.to. Slack is a good tool to collaborate with the team, it has channels so you can have a group chat or talk to an individual but it gets quite noisy because of constant notifications. This is what irritates me the most about Slack so I found an alternative uShare.to it is a combination of Slack and Zoom, where you can create chatrooms or collaborate via text messages. It is certainly more secure & more organized.

  • OB

    Olga Belokurskaya

    3 months ago #

    Using Slack for the team communication. For our comparatively small team it perfectly convenient - you can create channels for each team branch - so everyone is involved in their own business. Calling, video, screensharing - we have everything to keep in touch and work efficiently even working remotly, as we're doing now due to the isolation thing.