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I’m curious as to how you all leverage analytics today - specifically in content marketing, and how you might see them evolving in the future. Which kinds of metrics do you find most valuable, and what questions do they ultimately help you answer? …And what if we went blue sky for a moment and imagined a world where technology was no barrier. What would you love to track or measure? Would these “metrics" answer the same questions you have today, or maybe open up entirely new ones? How would the ability to measure these things help you as a marketer? I’m talking anything - body language of a person as they read your article. Facial expressions as they watch your video. The reading speed of someone going through your ebook. Go wild

  • HG

    Hadar Graf

    about 4 years ago #

    Hi Shannon,

    Great question, but huge. By that I mean that each aspect of marketing in general, and of digital
    marketing specifically, has a plethora of metrics to follow, with varying degrees of value. So, with your
    permission, I will narrow the question down to areas relevant to my job and experience.
    As you are probably aware, a good place to start for metrics regarding site traffic (and more) is Google
    Analytics. Out of the range of parameters they deal with, I find that the engagement statistics, those
    that tell you if users are actually interested in your site, are particularly worthwhile, e.g. pages / session,
    referral traffic and more. Two metrics I especially like are average time on page, for obvious reasons,
    and new visitors vs. returning, which lets you know if people are coming back to your site for more.
    Loyal site visitors serve both as captive audiences and are more likely to make a purchase on your site
    than newbies.

    Moving to an area closer yet to my own space, one of our (ActiveTrail) newer features that I am liking
    more and more is Predictive Delivery (PD) for email campaigns (for the sake of fair disclosure, a number
    of our competitors offer this as well). PD leverages our Big Data analytics to discern patterns relating to
    when people are most likely to open and act on an email, and suggests the best time of day to send a
    mail campaign to each and every designated recipient based on the data available on them in the
    system (PD also lets you automate the process, such that the system will automatically send mails at the
    times suggested by PD). This is great, as it truly helps increase response and conversion rates.

    Regarding the future, I can think of so many things I would like to know about the people I am marketing
    to and their behavior… Sticking to the realm of emails, one thing I would love to see happen is an ability
    to track someone who has received and / or opened an email, but then disengaged. I can’t think of the
    number of times I myself have only looked at an email’s subject, or skimmed a mail without clicking, and
    then proceeded to Google the company or the subject of the mail, and even perhaps gone to the
    company’s website, just not via the mail. I believe this post-viewing information could have tremendous
    value for follow-up, improving messaging and more.
    That’s it for now. If you have taken the time to read this far, thank you, and much success.