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I'm interested to hear what the best practises for NPS feedback in B2B SaaS look like these days.

Do you ask your users for NPS feedback at a specific moment in a customer's journey? Do you ask them once or multiple times?

Also, next to informing your product strategy and following up with users, do you use NPS feedback to automate specific workflows?

  • AV

    Ashish Verma

    8 months ago #

    Hi Moritz,

    For best practices, few basics I would recommend -

    1) You can incorporate it with a short survey.
    2) If you are reaching out by email, try to send a polite reminder after a few days to the one's who haven't responded.
    3) Personalise it, in terms of your messaging. May send it through CEO's profile etc to build more authority/sincerity in the minds of user.
    4) Benchmark it against your competitors.
    5) More importantly, perform a root cause analysis & close the loop with customers.

    My recommendation is to use NPS at a specific moment (that could either say before SaaS renewal or if they have spent a few days after signing up). I have not seen cases where NPS is asked frequently. Usually like once or twice a year should be fine.