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What will SEO be like in 2019?

  • CH

    Chris Hornak

    11 months ago #

    As an SEO practitioner, my focus is on getting better and better at creating content that is so good Google ranks it shortly after it's published. It's not talked about a lot but you CAN get content to rank without any links or other off-page signals.

    The way I've achieved this is by using Google to do a topic deep dive and figure out what the context of the search is and what gaps are the search results missing.

    Article I wrote about this: https://bloghands.com/blog/7-reasons-why-google-is-the-best-content-research-tool

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    11 months ago #

    Anxiously waiting until Google announces another change to their algorithm or results page, scramble around to optimize websites so they are compliant to the new changes, and then revert all optimizations once Google decides to go back to the way they had it six months earlier.

  • KV

    Kathir Vel

    11 months ago #

    Voice search seems to 2019 trend..

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