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I often read posts about "how to increase blog traffic" but monetization and ROI measurement isn't often addressed, particularly when the blogger promotes third party products. 

What are the tools and tactics used to attribute conversions to the initial visitor's touch point. ex: a tweet?

  • AS

    Anupam Saha

    over 2 years ago #

    bloggers etc will probably be part of some kind of affiliate network (cj, clickbank etc) which will facilitate the tracking and simplify things.

    1. Set up tags using something like Google UTM or any other tagging tool and generate the tagged URL.
    2. If required, generate the shortened URL using bitly or such.
    3. Give the tagged URL to the blogger to promote
    4. On my website, I will set a custom script to trigger on conversion (form submission) which will push the UTM data plus other fields like initial referrer, last referrer etc into a persistent cookie.
    5. As long as the visitor remains on the same device, the cookie will push the data into the CRM or another database even if it happens after many, many days.

    It's actually simpler than it sounds. The only trick is to figure out what data to capture in the cookie and how to do it...typically somebody familiar with Javascript will be able to figure it out.

  • LM

    laurent malka

    over 2 years ago #

    Hi Anupam - Thanks for the answer.

    Sorry, perhaps the initial question wasn't clear.

    Let's say you are the blogger and post a review of a product on your blog. The link to the product itself is provided by cj.

    You promote the review on twitter, facebook and other social networks via buffer.

    1. Buffer autotags the URL's with the correct UTM parameters.
    2. Visitor hits the link and reads your blog. - GA captures the utm parameters
    3. Visitor clicks on the "cj" link - Are you pushing click data to cj link?
    4. Visitor buys the product. - How do you get the conversion back to GA?

    How do you attribute the conversion and its exact sales value to the initial touch point?

    Then, you've got 20 other products on your blog that you promote through cj, clickbank, rakuten and impactradius.

    I am obviously asking because I have the answer (one of them at least), but I am curious to understand how these metrics and challenges are being addressed from a product perspective.


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