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  • AS

    Arsalan Sajid

    5 months ago #

    Many websites fail because they usually overlook the load times of their site. if the website is too slow, the bounce rate will surely go up and eventually, no visitors will be checking out your site.

    Below are proven ways to improve your site’s performance:

    1- Minimize HTTP requests
    2- Utilize CDNs and remove unused scripts/files
    3- Compress images and optimize files
    4- Host your website on a hosting provider that can reduce your page load time such as Cloudways.

    • AP

      Aaron Pacey

      5 months ago #

      Thanks Arsalan for your suggestions. I Would like to further add in the light of this article https://www.cloudhostingfacts.com/improve-your-website-during-quarantine/ to take following steps for website improvement:
      1. Update Website Header, Not Home Page Alone
      2. Add Link in Main Navigation
      3. Add An Alert Bar Above The Navigation
      4. Update Home Page
      5. Primary Landing Page for COVID-19
      Put COVID-19 in URL
      Keep Website Up to Date with Non COVID-19 Stuff