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  • AT

    anca trusca

    over 2 years ago #

    Thanks Marco, we are trying to monitor stickiness on the site as part of different elements on the site. We'll give it a try.

  • LC

    Lisa Callahan

    over 2 years ago #

    First, I would check the analytics capabilities of your CRM, if you haven't already. You may be able to to find a workaround using the tools you already have.

    I'm definitely not an expert in this area, but this is what I would do in your situation -- which is also based on this guide to tracking internal links in WP: https://www.webhostinghero.com/track-internal-link-clicks-wordpress

    You can attach an extra bit of info -- called UTM or query parameters -- to those inbound links so that you can track them separately from other links. So for example, let's say you have a blog post called Marketing 101, and the URL for that blog post is www.yoursite.com/blog/marketing-101. If you feature Marketing 101 on your home page and someone clicks it, that's the URL they will be accessing. Pretty self-explanatory.

    Now, let's say you have another blog post called Marketing for Experts. Within that post, you want to link to Marketing 101 -- thus creating an internal link.

    If you want to be able to differentiate between how many clicks for Marketing 101 are coming through your home page versus that internal link, you would have to differentiate the URLs themselves.

    www.yoursite.com/blog/marketing-101 would be the link for the homepage, while something like www.yoursite.com/blog/marketing-101?utm_source=internal would be for all internal links to that post.

    The post that I linked to above breaks down UTMs pretty well.

    Anyway, this is what I would do, and it's what we actually do for our own marketing analytics here at my workplace. There could surely be an easier way to do it, maybe with a Wordpress plugin or something, which someone else might be able to suggest.

    If you're interested in reading up a little bit on the ins and outs of analytics, I recommend this article: https://martechexec.com/article/web-analytics-will-make-2017-sites-best-yet.html

    Hope that helps!

    • AT

      anca trusca

      over 2 years ago #

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your answer. We don't use WP but we do have a CRM so we will definitely look into that. In terms of adding UTM parameters for our internal campaigns, we've done this so far but they have a big problem and I've read many articles advising you not to use it for this purpose. The problem is that if a user comes from Google directly and then clicks on an internal link, he/she is automatically attributed to that campaign and all existing data related to the source of the traffic is overwritten.

      • MC

        Marco Cardillo

        over 2 years ago #

        I don't use UTM parameters to track internal links for the same reason...

        I use ?ref= in the urls, like www.website.com?ref=footer. Not sure this is the best practice, but it works and I'm not having trouble analyzing data on Analytics :)

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