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Context is: I'm thinking of building an email+display ads automation app that would be super-tightly integrated into a crm system (eg Pipedrive). Lots of competition, I know, but I think there is room for innovation. Keen to get perspective of people here before starting out.

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    11 months ago #

    I actually just tried my first Facebook ads automation platform, AdEspresso, and I hate that I can't test images, carousels, and videos in the same campaign/ad set. It is less efficient for me to target the same audiences across different ad sets to achieve that, so I would need to run independent ad sets on different days, which wouldn't be true apples-to-apples comparison since the ad sets would run on different days.

    Hope that helps!

  • AI

    Alex Ivanoff

    10 months ago #

    I think the biggest struggle is handling so many prospects or conversations by emails. With each responded message, you obviously are looking to move a prospect down the line towards closing if you are doing B2B work. Doing so, however, is tough to do while trying to monitor where each and every prospect is in the pipeline.

    • AP

      Andrus Purde

      8 months ago #

      Sorry for missing your reply initially, Alex!

      What tool(s) are you using for managing prospects? And are you speaking of 10s, 100s or 1000s of convos per month?

  • JS

    Jon Sutherland

    9 months ago #

    I usually try to avoid shameless plugs but here's one: My company, Parabola.io, is great for automating these types of manual processes. You can build data flows and schedule them to run automatically on any day/time you like. We have customers that have completely automated their marketing engine, syncing to and from Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc., all with one Parabola flow.

  • DL

    Dara Lin

    9 months ago #

    My greatest challenge in marketing automation is reaching out on my target prospects. It's very hard to know if they want or need your services.

    • AP

      Andrus Purde

      8 months ago #

      Is the challenge in compiling a list of qualified prospects or the act of tracking responsiveness outreach? What does your tech stack look like?

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