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We've launched our product called Action Recorder (www.customerlabs.co), I've been trying to find a great GTM strategy over last few weeks.

Any ideas and pointers are welcome, in fact help us to kick start.

  • PC

    Peter Cohen

    about 4 years ago #

    A few quick comments that may be helpful, Vishnu:

    1. You won't find an "off-the-shelf" "best go-to-market" strategy. What worked for some other SaaS company won't necessarily work for you.

    2. Whatever works for you now will probably need to be adjusted over time. You can't put your strategy on autopilot.

    3. Ask your prospective customers where they look for solutions like yours. Though millions of people use Facebook, if your prospects don't go there when they're looking for event tracking solutions, it's not worth promoting yourself there. (See http://www.saasmarketingstrategy.com/saas-advice-blog/2016/3/2/looking-for-customers-in-all-the-places).

    4. Your strategy needs to span the entire customer evaluation and purchase process. In fact, for SaaS solutions it needs to extend to existing customers as well. Focusing on a single element, e.g. lead generation, will lead to gaps and bottlenecks in the process. (See http://www.saasmarketingstrategy.com/saas-advice-blog/2016/2/7/tneqzq4cdbcyvjo1subgsyqk1krbg6).

    Good luck.

  • VV

    Vishnu Vankayala

    about 4 years ago #


    I appreciate taking your time to reply and agree with your points too.

    There are few things we are trying right now, lets see how it goes.