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  • JD

    Jonas Douglas

    27 days ago #

    Is the tactic that always gets sites traffic is through linking and marketing? are there any other mediums on how we can link build? or any form of email marketing?

  • AG

    Anthony Gaenzle

    6 days ago #

    It depends on a number of things. But first, let’s consider the concept of traffic. You can pay money to get tons of bot or non-relevant traffic sent to you site. You can literally go from 100 visits per day to 25k overnight. Super easy, right?

    But that traffic does you no good. So, I think a better way to ask the question might be, what’s ONE tactic that ALWAYS gets quality traffic?

    That tactic is the intersection of quality content and SEO. When you marry those two disciplines into one, and you do it well, you are guaranteed to gain traffic. While it may take more time than other tactics. The traffic you earn will be more engaged and ultimately end up converting more.