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I would like to benchmark my current Google Adwords conversion rates of 4-5%, with cost per conversion of £60. I'm also curious to know how much budget you allocate on every PPC campaign?

  • AP

    Alex Potichnyj

    over 3 years ago #

    Depends on so many variables:

    - What vertical are you marketing in?
    - What regions are you marketing too?
    - Is your keyword strategy very broad or are you going very specific with long tail?
    - Whats your profit on a conversion?

    I can give some minimal guidance if you let me know the above.

    • OQ

      OJ Quevedo

      over 3 years ago #

      Hi Alex, thanks for replying.

      - we are in UX, B2B, marketing to ecommerce companies, design agencies
      - UK
      - keywords strategy: use of SKAGs primarily, and phrase matches. broad and long tail KW don't work for us
      - current cost per conv is £60, profit depends on subscription package chosen and duration, Adwords campaign takes them to take a free trial and they're still in the free trial phase - can't give a number on profit until they convert from free trial to paying customer. We've only recently started.


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