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Let's look at the numbers. Theory is alright, but we want results at the end of the day... Of all your Growth Hacking initiatives, what project produced the best outcome? It can be increase in traffic, sign ups, average order value, referrals, etc. But the point is an efficient increase. Highest bang for buck for you in 2016.

  • GM

    Gonzalo Moreno

    over 3 years ago #


  • WM

    wayne metcalfe

    over 3 years ago #

    Mine was the implementation of a content publishing strategy that focused on only covering trending topics that have broke within a 4 hour period or less.

    Our publishing platform has struggled with Facebook referral traffic dropping year on year. As more large publications pop up each day that all want to be the next buzzfeed, smaller publishers that consist of just a few team members are feeling the bite.

    With this in mind we decided to only publish content that was fresh and get it syndicated before it becomes saturated. We used a tool called Almighty.Press to track trending topics that had not been saturated. Once we identified a post, we would quickly craft an engaging piece of content and get it published on Facebook before all the big news outlets covered it.

    The result has been fantastic. Not only did our Facebook page reach improve, but we started to be cited as the source for many news stories. We have thousands of links from major news outlets and blogs.

    The resulting growth has seen our profits increase significantly and we have taken on 7 new team members to help with our growth.

  • AB

    Andrei Baklinau

    over 3 years ago #

    Mine was the understanding that at first I have to focus all my efforts on low-hanging fruits.

    When I'm talking about low-hanging fruits I mean that I should focus on users that passed some steps on the funnel towards conversion. Because these are users who are self-qualified and the majority of them just need additional "push".

    For example, when are you trying to increase conversion of E-commerce company, you can start from changing UX, from working of Forms, etc.

    But! There are a lot of users, who add product to cart or start checkout process, but never finish it. And all of these users are low-hanging fruits, that just need some 'pushes' in form of Cart Recovery emails, Exit-intent pop-ups, Retargeting and so on.

    And it's much more easier to convert them to the clients comparing with other segments of users who are just on the first steps of the funnel (Visitors of website, for example)