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Hi guys,

My friends have created a new email service software . Like mailchimp,aweber,sendgrid,and thousand others? yes, and maybe no . As you guys know, this space already has players who nailed it with beautiful emails,positioned themselves as SMB email providers,owned the transactional email space etc.

So being a good friend I want to collect your opinion on this : What is the one SUPER value that you think a new player MUST contribute to this space from a marketing and positioning perspective to standout ? Hippy customer service? positioning this as an ultimate place to send cute cat emails?

P.S: They have free account . Multiple SMTP ,feature to compose emails based on conditions and other cool stuff. Both of them are smart people and already have a few paid users.

  • EB

    Ed Burrows

    over 3 years ago #

    I'm yet to find a company that has really nailed effective deliverability and inboxing reporting. There are a few companies trying to do it but no one doing it super well particularly for smaller businesses. What email providers are getting inboxed and knowing what filters you're landing under is crucial to impacting open rates and every other downstream metric

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    over 3 years ago #

    At a general level, one thing might be to evaluate every competitor and figure out all the things they make you do manually, that could potentially be automated - from setup all the way through reporting and do that.
    So essentially position this product as a "Do It For Me" vs "Do It Yourself".

    The other thing is the bit about insights.
    Tools are always getting better at spitting out beautiful reports but this being able to provide better, actionable insights than competitors that have a direct impact on RIO, bottom line etc would be a powerful argument for considering this offering imo.