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Greetings everyone! I would like to know about the Marketing Automation Tool you are using for your Business

What is the outstanding feature of the tool that has been helpful for your Business?

  • EF

    Ed Fry

    over 2 years ago #

    Hi @jnana_s-rao -

    Marketing automation is a pretty broad topic. "What marketing automation tool are you using?" is sort of like saying "what hammers are you using?". The answer depends on your growth goals.

    Split it out:

    1. Customer Engagement: where you can message and measure your leads and customers? (Email, ads, live chat, website audiences etc.)
    2. Customer Intelligence: where are you recording, combining, analyzing, segmenting and taking action with your data?

    Some marketing automation platforms can do all of this, but only for limited platforms. And they can only cover part of the customer lifecycle (notice HubSpot's adding a support chat tool next year to fill their void...).

    So really, the question is what email + live chat + ads + analytics + lead management tools
    (+ everything else) are you using? And how are you coordinating them together?

    At Hull, we work with advanced growth teams on lassoing their frankenstack of different tools together :) It's not about what tools you use. It's how your tools, teams, and data all work together to deliver a business result.

    Like Oz Content 20X'ing their marketing-sourced qualified leads in 2 months with aligning their tools, teams, and data: https://www.hull.io/blog/oz-content-mofu-hyper-segmentation-playbook/

    At Hull, we're on Salesforce-Pardot (Pardot largely to test it. We also email through Customer.io and Intercom. We're in the business of understanding how this works, so our stack may be a little overkill).

    In my last role, we were full stack HubSpot - helped we had @dharmesh on our team to get the Enterprise Beta version ;)

    I see new tools like Autopilot, Customer.io, etc. and whilst they may solve some of these problems in a really elegant way, it's important to step back and see how they work with other tools, teams, and data.

    Hope that helps guide you on your marketing automation tooling journey :)

  • MU

    Michelle Urban

    over 2 years ago #

    Sometimes you think you need marketing automation, but what you really need is a sophisticated email marketing platform - like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor.

    Shameless plug, however I think you might find my findings beneficial: http://www.marketing261.com/marketing-automation-mistake/. I want your $30K put to good use. :)

    Let me know if you found this helpful and please feel free to ask more more questions. I've set up marketing automation at three different startups. :) Good luck, Jnana.

  • SB

    Sona Bulgadaryan

    over 2 years ago #

    I started using HubSpot as it combines all in one, before I was also using MailChimp as one of the cheapest options, but when it is cheap it takes lot's of time, so decided to move to HubSpot to save more time, as time is money, we all know that.

    I chose HubSot based on the industry reports like https://industryanalyses.com/marketing/marketing-automation-industry/.

    Regarding features: It is amazing to see your visitors interest and what they read most of the time, what is their interest so it becomes a lot easier to 1st understand their need and give desired solutions for them, this is the most wanted feature as it drives sales.

    Though I don't like their technical issues, also limitation of using subdomain instead of subfolder, or canonical URL issue in 404 pages etc. These are technical SEO issues which they are weak, but they have a bunch of good features.

  • ME

    Mark Evans

    over 2 years ago #

    Envoke (www.envoke.com): key differentiator is the professional and technical services that it delivers.