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Looking for some inspiration for a welcome email to send, after a user signs up for a product. What are your favourite examples of Welcome emails? When do you send your welcome email? What are your `must haves` in Welcome emails?

  • KK

    Kev Kaye

    over 4 years ago #

    Hi Simon,

    When I'm helping a client get their growth engine off the ground, the welcome email and other "first impression" opportunities are the first places we look. They're that important.

    Here are the six most important things you want to put in your welcome email. (Important: before you follow this advice, consider the context of when someone will receive this email and adapt accordingly. For example, post purchase vs. post email opt-in, etc.)

    1. Should be from a real person with a real name...and a photo if possible. Introduce yourself right out of the gate.
    2. Set expectations. What type of emails and content can they expect from you over the coming days? Weeks? Forever?
    3. Restate benefits. Explain the benefits of them tuning into your emails/company/brand, etc. (This will save you money, etc.)
    4. Create an open loop. Elude to something in a future email. A future piece of content. A future promotion. Something they can look forward to.
    5. Optional: Send them to your other social accounts. Send them to the social media accounts you're most active on. I typically omit this one in favor of the last one...
    6. Ask them to reply with their thoughts. A reply from the new subscriber is just as good, if not better than asking them to whitelist you.

    The welcome email should be the first in a series of emails that indoctrinates the new subscriber/customer to your way of doing things.

    Hope that helps!

  • JG

    jordan gutierrez

    over 4 years ago #

    I would say keep them engage and get them to go for a response

    Subject line: "Quick question?"

    "Thanks for joining blah blah

    Why did you signed up for Wishpond? I would love the know more about YOUR business"

  • BE

    Bastian Ernst

    over 4 years ago #

    1) If they signed up for the free trial of your product, then I would make sure that
    you active the user as fast as possible. Send them to your product and give them an automated walk-through through pop-ups and arrows.
    Also trigger a series of autoresponders to teach them about your product. I really like the welcome series of mixmax.com. Simple. Personal and different.

    2) If they sign up on your blog through a lead magnet (bonus), make sure to do a double optin. If they click on the link to double optin,
    I send them to a typeform survey (3 simple questions). They need to complete the typeform to be on the list. This Increases quality of the list and
    I know a lot of information about my subscribers (even though I only asked for their email)

    hope that helps :)