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  • KI

    Kevin Indig

    11 days ago #

    Content microsites have worked really well in my experience, especially for SEO. An example is https://www.atlassian.com/git.

    Microsites are different from regular subdomains or subdirectories by being a closed environment. They have their own, unique layout, revolve around a single topic and are non-salesy, meaning at most you get email sign-ups but you're not pushy at all. They should be information hubs on your site.

    All that gets you tons of organic traffic, brand exposure and returning visitors.

  • NN

    Nicholas Nomann

    9 days ago #

    Facebook private groups has been a good one for my company yogaclub.com.

    First of all, you get way more exposure vs. Facebook pages. 60% visibility vs. 5%. Also, other people create the content for you. We have been growing the audiences leveraging our current follower based on Facebook, Instagram, Email, ect.

    • AD

      Alexandre Dana

      4 days ago #

      Awesome ! I have the same strategy, and it is working great
      Would you mind sharing with me the URL of your private group ? Is it reserved to clients ?

    • MG

      max gdn

      3 days ago #

      I'm not familiar with this, can you please explain what are private groups and how does it work?

  • WE

    Warren Eiserman

    11 days ago #

    Recording interviews with key stakeholders (or uploading older videos from user group events etc), having them automatically transcribed via online machine learning tools - and then giving them to our content editing team to reuse for blog posts, site updates, quotes etc.

    Speeds up content marketing processes significantly.

    • JV

      Jason Vedadi

      11 days ago #

      What transcription tool(s) do you recommend for that? We do the same, but are manually transcribing now.

      • TC

        Ted Carstensen

        9 days ago #

        At Heavybit, I use Rev.com for all of our podcast and video transcriptions - $1/minute and it's done by humans so it's incredibly accurate. We have some technical requirements for our interactive audio and video players that they can provide, but if I was strictly looking for usably accurate plain text transcriptions I would be using trint.com

  • MS

    Martijn Scheijbeler

    9 days ago #

    Reuse existing content (if you already have that), look at the content that is been performing stable over a period of time (xx visitors on a daily basis).
    Usually this means that the content is already ranking for certain keywords or is still being shared on social media on a regular basis. If you are able to update the content with new information, remove broken links, update it with new information/tools that might have come up since you've published it then it will be a great thing to launch again and start re-sharing this.
    This will usually lead to a spike in traffic again to these posts after which you'll hopefully gather more links, more social mentions which will boost the long-term performance of the content even more. Then put something in your todo list/calendar for a year from now and redo this all over again.
    While working for a publisher on their audience development we started working on this more and more because it already provides you with the content, which saves you coming up with new ideas and executing on it and it immediately can provide you with a return on investment based on previous performance instead of having to convince other people.

  • HR

    Hassan Raza

    11 days ago #

    Hi Alouschka, Our latest successful hack has been to use T-Rex as "Cheezasaurus" mascot for Round House Pizza in Islamabad. Check out this video. https://www.facebook.com/Roundhousepizzapk/videos/1427230527330463/

  • AG

    Ashley Greene

    11 days ago #

    Oldie, but goodie. Segmenting current content subscribers by a factor like "most active, are customers" (depending on which type of content you're focusing on, I'm assuming you want more conversions to paid) and surveying/emailing to just ask -- what topic would they most like you to cover and where do they get information on X? Tip: How they word the topics is a great hint for actual titles, plus Google search is getting way more conversational, so they tend to fare better.

  • GC

    Gary-Yau Chan

    11 days ago #

    Ask them to subscribe via chat instead of email

    chat has upwards of 60% open rate vs. email open rate 10%-15% maybe (?)

  • NU

    Nitin Upparpelli

    9 days ago #

    Engaging users in facebook group.. which is niche to your product or services

  • KL

    Kira Leigh

    10 days ago #

    Create amazing content and post it where people can see. That's it. Nothing fancy about it. Post it where your readers, your niche, and 'your people' live. Actually using content to grow your product / website / presence requires you to actually use it.

    Execute it. Employ it. Measure it.

    • DG

      David Gordillo

      3 days ago #

      The question remains about the "where people can see". It's not only that they can see it, they need to pay attention to it...

  • MP

    Maxx Plank

    3 days ago #

    To answer the question, "What is your best content growth hack?", I'll take a different approach than the usual "write amazing content" answer.

    My growth hack and the one I've recommended to startups I work with, is using AdWords experiments on my content, before promoting it organically.

    By testing and sampling content response on relevant queries using AdWords, you can get an immediate sample of the quality and engagement of your content pieces.

    The simple route is using the actual AdWords Experiments modules https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6261395?co=ADWORDS.IsAWNCustomer%3Dfalse&hl=en

    Or if you have the privilege of working with data scientists who know R and AdWords, you can use the RAdWords Plus package http://vilaingeek.com/radwords-plus-nouveau-package-r-adwords/

    I'm a firm believer in data-driven creativity and not a big believer in magic bullet hacks. So my best content growth hack is simply to test, iterate and refine fast by putting paid dollars behind my content in test tubs.

    If you wish to go beyond Search Engine Marketing, you can also run experiments on Facebook, using the Facebook ads experiments modules. But be aware that their experiment module has certain weaknesses.

    Moreover, again, if you have data scientists working with you or have data science or advanced R programming skills, here is a good package you can use https://github.com/daroczig/fbRads

    Hope this is helpful..

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