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I've been doing SEO consulting with businesses, freelancers, affiliates etc.. for years now and the one thing that always seems to crop up over and over is people lie to you. They'll try to BS you with their super complicated plans, when in reality they aren't doing 50% of what they've just said they are - Even in the majority of "broad" SEO case studies, they just flat out lie to showcase results when in reality it wasn't their site re-structuring that quadrupled their organic traffic.. That's just so they can get some favour by some of the more white hat publications. I'd like to know, honestly... What you're doing with SEO now-a-days, because I could showcase a minimum of 100 $1 Bil+ revenue companies that are still buying links and faking social shares in order to gain better rank, yet they'll publish "Content Marketing" case studies as if that was the actual ranking factor.

  • NW

    Nicholas White

    almost 4 years ago #

    As a general-rule incredibly difficult for startups. Typically you need a better link profile than competitors, but many incumbents have grown theirs substantially over many years, when link-building was easier, making it an extremely effective 'moat.'

    Links are also much harder to come by these days - once upon a time bloggers would only be too happy to link to a piece of content, so long as it entertained their readership - now they want payment too (which voids it's SEO-value).

    Your startup better have genuine differentiation and a really good story to build some initial links. From then on regular 'newsworthy' initiatives which really stand out. So 10x better content.

    Obviously it depends on the sector, but SEO would be one of the last channels I'd look at for a startup.

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