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  • DM

    Dhruv Mehta

    5 months ago #

    I managed to find half answer to the question which is explained below:

    After exploring too many platforms and going through resources, I came to know that you can promote the articles via different channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for getting quality traffic on GH (GrowthHackers).

    Another idea is to post on Medium and try to get traffic from there too.

    You can also write LinkedIn Article with redirection here.

    The major trick will be asking an influencer to upvote and share your #Growthhackers article on a social media platform and see what amount of traffic you can get from there!

    The only problem is measurement and finding out how much amount of traffic from GH is going to your target content.

    I will disclose more on this in my next question.

    Till then,

    Happy Sharing.


  • JD

    John De'Viana

    5 months ago #

    Very Informative post. Thanks, Dhruv Mehta for sharing your experience. I really appreciate your efforts that you have shared your personal experience with us. Great job & keep up the good work!