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I went through a nostalgic journey thanks to https://www.intercom.com/evolution. Starting with AIM, I realized how much messaging has impacted my daily life. It's how I stay in touch with friends, work on projects with co-workers, but it's also how I met my high school sweetheart and wife!

It looks like it will continue to take over more of how we communicate with others. For example WeChat in China is already replacing hosts and waiters at restaurants.

Would love the GH community input and predictions! :-)

  • KK

    Kasia Kramnik

    11 months ago #

    I don't know if we should still call it the future, but chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are the two phenomena that are impacting our messaging reality. Like you mentioned, chatbots on WeChat are changing the way offline businesses are functioning, and it's spreading into more industries, such as retail (fashion mainly). I suppose that message applications will become more tightly integrated with other communication channels, like emails or websites (they will become more contextual and infused with dynamic content).

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