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Did you find success in running paid video campaigns for a marketplace business?

  • GR

    Gigi Rodgers

    10 months ago #

    You can create all kinds of content using video content.
    - Ads
    - Vlogging content
    - Explainer videos
    - YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more!

    The main question is - what's stopping you from using video marketing to promote your business?

    • MJ

      Marcin Jodłowski

      10 months ago #

      Usually costs of production. Creating video ads / explainer videos etc. costs more than normal display ads.

      From bussiness point of view it's hard to rationalise spending marketing budget on making video ads if we compare it to normal PPC activites and CPAs that we have there

      • GR

        Gigi Rodgers

        10 months ago #

        Cost of production?
        Don't get fancy. Get basic with it.

        Either you can go low budget, relying on content, damn good copywriting, and YouTube videos to show you how to do the video editing (e.g., Peter McKinnon or Justin Odisho are good ones)

        Or pass the task off to 2 team members you have on staff and let them loose on the project.

        Hell, you could even create the video ad just using your phone and a video editor app.
        I personally use Premiere Pro for everything, but to each their own.

        In fact, a lot of video ads that come from the phone, no filters, do BETTER than the ones that are polished on FB. I don't have the stats to back it up, but it's something I've definitely noticed on the platform.

        You creating a video ad could cost you $50, but take up 2 days to piece together and have a positive ROI to your business.

        It just depends on whether you, or your team members, would be willing to put that effort in.

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