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I am running a large scale global display campaign on Google. I get a large volume of registrations, but also an almost equal number of view through conversions. I'd like to understand the value of the viewthrough conversions so that I can increase my bid appropriately for the click track conversions. On Facebook, I could set up a 2 Lookalike audiences and then run a campaign against each of them, with each campaign excluding the other's audience. Run one campaign with regular ads, and one with a dummy public service announcement kind of ad,then measure the difference in view through on each campaign to ascertain the lift. I can't do the audience subtraction of Similar audiences on Google. Any suggestions as the best way to set this up?

  • GS

    Gabe Solberg

    almost 2 years ago #

    Hey Mark,

    It sounds like there are a couple of things going on:

    1. Creative/Messaging testing
    2. Attribution
    3. Understanding Lift

    1. I think if you establish a consistent way to measure attribution then you can apply that to your creative testing since you will be able to understand attribution.

    2. I would focus on two metrics/reports to get directional insights into view through conversions. Note: To clarify Adwords will attribute a conversion within the defined conversion window form the last click or view. Google Analytics the day the conversion happens.

    3. GA - Path to conversion This can let me see Campaign, Ad Group, and Ad Level cross-channel paths to help directionally understand (because of cookie-based tracking limitations) how and where users are converting. It also allows me to identify channels closer to the final conversion.

    Say for example you are noticing a high number of users with a path to conversion of

    organic -> display -> search -> direct

    Search can be an area of opportunity that supports the display.

    You can increase search budget and/or tie display messaging into search ads as a next step from the display ads keeping the user flow consistent as they are working down the conversion funnel.

    Adwords Custom Columns - Assing a lower value to the view through conversions and create custom columns for CPA and Conversion Rates. If you do not have a dollar value for each lead then you can assign a partial conversion to each view through conversion.

    For Example:

    View through conv * .25 = View Conv
    (View through conv*.25)/Clicks = View through conv Rate

    This can then let you capture and organize conversion data in a manageable way allowing you to easily identify trends for optimization.

    I take a similar approach to this for search using click and impression assisted values here https://easyautotagging.com/leveraging-assisted-data-driven-attribution-in-adwords/

    Hope this helps :)

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