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  • MC

    Mitch-J Carson

    22 days ago #

    This is tricky and also bit tough to get quality link without guest post. But is it really tough?

    Let us know to to do that here in small couple step you can make it.

    #Make a simple video and get link from video site like, you-tube, vimeo, daily-motion etc.
    #create info-graphic link
    #Building relation with bloggers
    #Broken linkbuilding

    Thank you. Hope these will help you paul!

    • DP

      David paul

      22 days ago #

      Thanks @mitch-j_carson for your suggestion, but I already following these steps. Can you share more ideas to get quality backlinks? My niche are web design, label design, etc.

      • MC

        Mitch-J Carson

        22 days ago #

        Actually, these are the best ways to get quality link. you can try testimonials links and web 2 also work. If your site has perfect onsite seo and you get links with variation you shroud get rank higher. rank not only depend high quality link equally variation. best of luck.

        ohh! you can try skyscraper technique to get some quality links and never ignored social links.

  • AB

    Aleh Barysevich

    17 days ago #

    SEO PowerSuite has recently performed a link building survey: https://www.link-assistant.com/news/link-building-survey-2017.html. The results suggest that top 5 link building methods, used by advanced SEOs, are:
    Interviews: 65%;
    Videos: 66%;
    Social sharing: 68%;
    Legitimate paid methods: 68%;
    Data/research: 70%.

  • BS

    Ben Sim

    1 day ago #

    One of the ways is to vet all the service providers you work with by DA and offer to provide a testimonial.

    Guest blogging (in my case, guestographics/interactive content) are still the best way to go.

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