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I have been trying to figure out the best way to generate ROI through paid emailers. But the returns are not that favourable. Has anyone done this in the past?

  • JB

    Jamie Bell

    17 days ago #

    I would suggest looking for an agency in this matter, I would suggest my company. However, what you're looking it would be best to look for specialist in email marketing. I do not mean a company who does seo, web design and email marketing, as they (like myself) rarely do email marketing for clients. Find a freelancer who spends all their time on email marketing.

    I hope this helps, the value you will get from an agency such as my own won't be as much as a email marketing specialist would be, it'll probably be cheaper too!

  • MM

    Melissa Matlins

    14 days ago #

    I have had success with niche websites/communities who include offers in their email communications. The more specific the audience the better in my view. It also benefits your business to have relationships with experts and communities in your space.

  • DI

    Dundee Internet

    12 days ago #

    Find a product that compliments yours with an established email list. Ask to advertise for a referral link.


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