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We have had a great deal of success asking users what their job function is (sales, marketing, engineering, etc.) and communicating that we use this info to personalize the product. However, we would like to enrich this with their title level (executive, manager, individual contributor, personal use). We want to ask the question during the on-boarding flow, but don't want to bounce a bunch of new users (freemium business model). Anyone had success getting this type of info from customers?

  • JB

    Jeremy Belcher

    over 3 years ago #

    Hi Spencer,

    You are likely seeing success with asking for the job function because you explain what it is going to be used for. The user will read that and determine that it's worth it to them to share that information with you because there is a stated benefit. If you are going to ask for an additional piece of information, you will likely see success if you can do the same thing. A form is a ultimately a transaction in which a user gives you their information in exchange for something. The something has to be worth it from their perspective.

    Hope that helps!

    • SM

      spencer mann

      over 3 years ago #

      Thanks for the response, I agree with you. The key to asking this question will be in suggesting that providing us this information helps us make their experience better.

  • GH

    Glen Harper

    over 3 years ago #

    Hi Spencer, I've got a couple of thoughts around this subject. First, I would go back to the base and ask recent signups if asking this would have made them bounce during the initial signup process. If so, find out why? Is this too many questions? Simply too invasive? If anyone has any real feelings on the subject, they will probably let you know.

    Then, if you did not get a lot of negative feedback in your responses, introduce the title level as an A/B test within the signup process.

    If you were able to convince users to give you their job function during signup, then you have done a good job and it should be able to carry over to title level as well. Just keep reminding them this is all about personalizing their own experience. No one who is "real" will bounce at that.

  • JM

    Jason Meresman

    over 3 years ago #

    Hi Spencer - You should consider using an enrichment service so that you don't need to introduce additional form fields. Lots of user information can be gleaned from just an email address including job title, company, LinkedIn profile, etc.

    There are various enrichment services and they're pretty affordable. Two popular companies are Clearbit (clearbit.com) and FullContact (https://www.fullcontact.com).

    Another nice thing about these services is their APIs. With an API you can create smart forms and smart workflows. For example, if you ask a user for their email address, you can autofill the rest of the form with the user's first name, last name, etc. As far as workflows, you can use the user's email address to look up their company size and then drop them in a self-serve path vs. a salesperson path.

    Hope this helps!

    • MU

      Manuel Urdaneta

      about 2 years ago #

      To support Jason's comment sounds like you want a decent lead enrichment tool instead of asking too many questions in your forms, Clearbit and Full contact are great, but I found them inaccurate in about 40% of the cases. I can recommend the Magic Spreadsheet https://magicspreadsheet.com/ it is a google spreadsheet add-on that sends the task for humans to gather the data for you, thus making much fewer mistakes. thank me later ;)