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I am interested to know what kind of product related #content do #CIO, #CTO like to read. Which are the best content formats they consume? What are the best #marketingchannels i should think of placing my content on?

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    over 3 years ago #

    Not every CIO or CTO is the same nor will they all digest the same content from the same sources. Hypothetically, a 25-year-old CTO might browse LinkedIn on a daily basis, but a 50-year-old CTO might prefer online publications like the Wired.

    In my experience, LinkedIn and Twitter have been the best social media networks when posting B2B content. Influencers are also a huge resource; try to see if you can engage with them directly and/or if they are active contributors to similar communities like this one. I would also recommend looking into industry publications like CIO.com and relevant associations. Here is a big list of CIO/CTO publications out there: https://www.expertdb.com/blog/top-19-must-read-websites-for-cios-in-2017/.

    Lastly, and this is something I heard Gary V suggest, focus not only on the CTO/CIO, focus on the person who works with or under the CTO. This person might see your content and suggest it to the CTO.

    I hope that helps!