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Hey Everyone, I'm starting a new job with a ton of data already available: MixPanel, GA, Vero, Mandrill, etc. I'm looking for a way to unite all this data into a single platform. My goal is to be able to see the entire lifecycle of a customer experience in one place. Can't seem to find a place to do this. I could do it in SQL, or manually, but wondering if anyone has some other ideas. Heap Analytics seems promising - anyone used it? Thanks! Dave Meyer

  • DS

    Dan-ya Shwartz Bar-El

    about 5 years ago #

    Disclaimer: just recently joined Alooma - but mainly because in my previous roll as head of Growth @ EverythingMe I was looking for this exact solution.

    As I am a data analyst and a growth director - my favorite MO is always raw data and always in the same data warehouse.
    Alooma offers the ability to connect all your sources to one Redshift data base, Your Mixpanel, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Adwords - what not.
    I personally use redash as a BI tool but there are many cool (and some are free) BI tools you can use.
    The power IMO is in connecting all the data sets and reaching meaningful conclusions.

  • EK

    Eyal Katz

    about 5 years ago #

    Are you just looking for a dashboard or would you like a platform that can do more than just display the data?

  • JC

    Jenny Crook

    about 5 years ago #

    Hi Dave, I am guessing this is an app? Unfortunately I have found that this process is pretty manual at the moment, you need to ensure that you are collecting the user device ID and giving them a unique customer ID, will you be using an attribution partner? When you are running any paid, push, in-app or email I would recommend using a unique placement ID in each Ad name so that you can use this for reporting. The user ID and placement ID should help streamline reporting. I am using Segment.com to manage integrations in one place and storing the data in Amazon Redshift. A few good front end dashboards that I have come across are Cubitic.io and Chartio.com. Its also worth checking out Amplitude for segmentation and Appboy for marketing automation as it shows you the user journey a bit better than Mixpanel does. I'd also check out Appsumer.io if you want realtime reporting, they help do the heavy lifting. hope that helps!

  • GS

    Gabor Szedlak

    about 5 years ago #


  • EF

    Ed Fry

    over 3 years ago #

    Your question's a little old now, but still a big problem for many others -

    At a high level, data serves two roles:

    1. Insight
    2. Action

    Analytics tools can support tracking and analysis, but not action. How can you turn your "perfect cohort" over to sales? What you really need to is build a single view of each lead and customer.

    Analytics tools are just *part* of the equation here. Your CRM, marketing automation, ads, support tickets, live chat, and everything else all adds up to this picture. Mixpanel, GA, Vero... they can't give you that holistic picture of each customer.

    So the challenge is really how to integrate and leverage all the data in all your tools in all your teams that you have already for 1. Insight and 2. Action. We see six common methods for doing this: https://www.hull.io/blog/customer-data-integration/

    1. One-click native integrations
    2. Manual export and import
    3. Many if-this-then-that workflow tools
    4. "All-in-one" platforms
    5. Custom scripts
    6. Customer data warehouse.

    But what advanced growth teams are doing is building all their rules and data into a customer data platform like Hull.io

    This centralizes all their customer data into one "master" profile and defines who and what gets synced between your tools and databases.