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Its clear that analytics data plays a big role in any growth process but figuring out the best tools and metrics to track doesn't seem that easy. How did you figure out your analytics stack when you first started? What do wish you would have spent less/more time on looking back?

  • NC

    Nibha Chaudhuri

    almost 4 years ago #

    There's a list I wish I had which I'm going to share with you. With the different kinds of metrics to track, especially as a growth hacker, this list is great as you can refer to it whenever you need the tool specific for your task. Social monitoring, engagement and performance tracking are places where I started first to up my game. https://blog.drumup.io/blog/top-48-social-media-analytics-tools/

  • LD

    Laura Dambrosio

    about 3 years ago #

    I'll speak for some of my clients since they need a more complex analytics stack, but I keep seeing that instead of buying an expensive out-of-the-box product like Looker or Mixpanel (which are great, don't get me wrong), it's often worth it to use a tool like Keen (for the startups with developers on hand), Segment (for the reasonably technical) or even Zapier (for those who don't code). You can do so much with these APIs on a budget and it's worth getting it right early. It's so hard to get clean analytics if you wait until you're growing to set up a good system, that's probably the bigger lesson. That, and also: map revenue data to your conversions! You'll make much better decisions about where to spend marketing dollars.