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  • AK

    Ashley Kaczmar

    about 2 years ago #

    For me, it's based on the goals my team and I set. We meet every Monday morning to talk about what we want to get done for the week, then we prioritize the tasks. A productive day is when I am able to knock out all the tasks I prioritized for that day and then get at least a start on tasks that are prioritized for the next day/later in the week.

  • LC

    Lisa Callahan

    about 2 years ago #

    Ah, very philosophical question. Personally, I consider a productive day to be one in which I actually got something "done." I really value that feeling of accomplishment that comes from checking a project off my to-do list.

    There's a real emphasis on this in agile management, too -- Progress over perfection is a commonly used term. In other words, actually getting something accomplished, no matter how small it is, is more valuable than chunking away at many different tasks throughout the day. In the latter case, you don't actually have much to show for your eight or so hours of work. You have a lot of cookie crumbs, but no cookie.

    And even a small cookie is better than no cookie. Right?

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