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What blogs am I missing out on that are up and coming?

What blogs deserve more love?

Why Ask?

After looking at some old threads and some good ol' "Top Blogs for X date on X Subject" they all seemed a little too self-promotional, outdated or no longer relevant...

I would rather hear directly from you guys what you're reading right now

What Am I Missing Out On?...

What are the top blogs that you are currently reading for:

  • Content Marketing?
  • Content Promotion? and
  • Paid Promotion? 


Try not to promote your own site (Unless it really is that awesome and we need to see it)

Try not to just link to a list post offsite. I would rather the interaction happened here so this becomes a resource that people can use

With that being said, I will get started and share 3 of my favorites

Here are 3 sites I'm reading that I recommend (And have zero ties to):

1. www.Growandconvert.com for content marketing These guys are crushing it and consistently drop great content

2. www.matthewbarby.com/ Mainly seo (So organic promotion to an extent) but is there anything he doesn't write that isn't killer? Seriously you can learn to be a better writer as well as a marketer with his stuff

3. Finally www.babakazad.com The guy doesn't post that often, and in fairness he doesn't really teach that much about "how" to do paid promotion Instead he teaches and breaks down the deeper principles of paid promotion and direct response

Its not for everyone but his stuff is awesome

So there are mine

Again, no connection from me or anything like that-just here to share and find other content and sites that need some love

Share the top 3 you read and recommend below