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We are building a b2b SaaS for collecting common tax forms: https://taxid.pro/ The difficulty I have run into is although the target market is plenty big for us to be profitable, it is not huge. When we've tried ad campaigns and social media in the past, our reach just isn't very strong.

  • ML

    Mia Lepe

    about 1 month ago #

    I agree with Vlad that contact marketing is going to be your best best.
    This is a long-term strategy, but in my 4-year experience doing this for a niche SaaS company, our blogs, guides, and video presentations can often be backed with paid traffic with great and more immediate results. A combination of generating traffic with content and retargeting that traffic with paid ads had worked nicely for us.
    As Vlad touched on, you're going to want to target more low-competition but high-value keywords (specific to your service) first, so I would use a tool that helps you discover search volume. I would definitely add "template" or "guide" to your keywords where appropriate. In short, you want to develop content that is 20%+ better than the existing top results for that keyword. If there are no writers on your staff, consider hiring a ghostwriter that will interview your subject matter experts or make sure any SEO provider you hire offers content writing as well.
    The key step many people miss is to create a syndication plan for who to promote your work to when it's published so you know your efforts aren't wasted and you can achieve results a lot quicker. Then get other sites to point to your content to increase your rankings. There are some backlinking services that claim to do this for you, but your best bet is to monitor a few media opportunity services (like HARO) to find link-building opportunities. This can be painstaking as you can send 20 pitches and only get mentions from 1, but the more you do it, the better you'll get at pitching yourself. If you're a small team without the budget to hire out for this work, dedicating time to this is going to be your most valuable asset, and creating a schedule will greatly help you. There are a lot of Free resources of inbound and content marketing that will help you on your way, but you need to dedicate time long-term to make it work.

  • VF

    Vlad Falin

    about 1 month ago #

    - Content marketing. I gave your domain and potential keywords a quick run in Ahrefs. There is a good chunk of tax forms / w8 forms related keywords which you could rank to 15-5 SERP. Top 3 is out of bounds here as it is usually IRS, so you should go even deeper (lower volume keyword, more long-tail). Keep search intent in mind. If you have limited funds or a small team - focus on business generating keywords first, traffic keywords second. You are already top 3 for "tax ID validation" but the volume is extremely low, (still good considering your Domain Ranking is 0 according to Ahrefs) consider going after "ein validation" and other related keywords, the volume is around 250 per month, they are easy to rank, just the matter of what fits your business.
    - Backlinks - build some long-tail anchor and brand anchor links to your site, through guest posts for example
    - I am not a specialist in taxes, but I will assume that tax advisors and overall consultants who do taxes for people might be your target market, create a list of names, get their emails, outreach, and pitch your service.