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  • MS

    Mansoor Shaikh

    about 1 year ago #

    Recently, we have did experiment with AMP page to generate real estate leads. In the start we realize you can not put form on the page only numbers can be placed to get contacted. Since lead generation require inquiry form which is biggest problem in AMP pages. What's your thought?

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    over 1 year ago #

    I'm with leading web developers on AMP and signed the open letter below earlier this year:


    "publishers should not be compelled by Google’s search dominance to put their content under a Google umbrella. The Web is not Google, and should not be just Google."

  • KI

    Kevin Indig

    about 1 year ago #

    AMP can be a huge source of traffic for publishers and decent for e-commerce businesses. The implementation can be very time and resource-intense and there are some moral issues that come with it. However, since Google is becoming a lot more cut-throat, add it to your site if you have the resources.

    • BD

      Bryr de Gray

      about 1 year ago #

      what CMS are you using? One of the sites I managed is Wordpress. There were some useful AMP plugins but it really doesn't give you much on design customization. But for simple designs and page speed/load, it's decent. I'm not sure how it works with ecommerce sites that involve carts, etc.

      • MS

        Martijn Scheijbeler

        about 1 year ago #

        Most of the plugins around AMP can support it perfectly. Even some of them can have some customizations in terms of design. If you want to fully benefit and integrate AMP into your site I would recommend customizing AMP templates so you can leverage additional tracking and make design tweaks whenever needed.

        I must admit I have 0 moral issues with using AMP so I'm probably on the side of integrate it all for better support and leverage all the extra benefits it will give you.

  • SS

    shyam sundar

    about 1 year ago #

    In my view, most of the experts not recommending AMP to implement it.

    First, it puts limits on your page’s functionality.
    Second, it can hurt your link building efforts.

    Finally, AMP pages boost Google’s domain authority… not yours... because it comes under google.com/amp/landing-page.

  • AL

    Ashley Luk

    11 months ago #

    A lot of Google's recent activity suggests folks should get behind AMP, especially when mobile speeds can have a significant impact on paid advertising spend and conversion rates nowadays. Plus AMP is an option that offers faster load times, which helps improve customers' experiences with page speeds. Unbounce actually published a recent blog post that touches on the topic of AMP + page speed importance that you might find helpful:


  • MK

    Manchun Kumar

    10 months ago #

    AMP is one of the best Technology which is help website loading faster at mobile devices. you can apply your website as well as blog for better promotion. i am also using AMP plugins for my personal Wordpress blog. careful setting in the AMP plugins.

  • SS

    seneka seneka

    2 months ago #

    AMP has always been kinda controversial. Some would say it is a must, some are genuine haters of this technology. Certainly AMP has both benefits and drawbacks. My advice — research and decide on your own. Only you know all your project's nuances. You can learn more in this article "All You Want to Know About Accelerated Mobile Pages"

  • AI

    Andolasoft Inc.

    about 1 month ago #

    The AMP version of the website loads faster than any responsive website. The AMP version would also boost your search engine position unsurprisingly, Google continues to recommend that publishers bet on AMP for the time being.

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