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My platform is almost ready, software and product development done just need to finish the design, to launch and I just started building my buyer persona and reaching out influencers in my industry. Problem it doesn't go well and nobody respond me. What are the best advices from sales/marketing point of view to attract Influencers in your niche (for free or not too expensive!). All tips are welcome, original one are better :)

  • JP

    Jaya Powell

    over 4 years ago #

    Hey Tiffany,

    Getting influencers on-board in a cost-effective way can be really tricky, but here are a few titbits of advice based on my experiences.

    1. Do not manually build your outreach list (it is super time consuming). Use a tool like followerwonk to get a solid list of popular influencers in your niche from twitter.
    2. Use similarweb to get traffic and link details about each influencers digital assets.
    3. Hire one or two virtual assistants to do the manual procedural work, email scraping and build up a solid database of influencer data. You get bonus points for pitting two VA's against each other in a scrape off (they can see each other working in google sheets and work much faster).
    4. Use the right tools for the job. You want to be able track open rates, ctr etc, so use your email marketing service provider of choice.
    5. Warm up your influencers. Get on their radar before sending your request. Comment on their blogs, RT their content and just generally engage. Spend about 7 days in this incubation period, ensure you have a few touch points before reaching out.
    6. Build your outreach email like a sandwich. Use a custom introduction followed by a generic reusable body and a custom conclusion. People simply do not respond to cold, generic, copy n' paste emails.
    7. Test, Test, Test. Test your subject lines and optimize your open rates. Test incentives to optimize your rate of cooperation. Always be testing to find the combination that works.
    8. Do more of what works and scale up the campaign!

    Some general tips:
    1. If English is not your first language, use Grammarly or similar to check your grammar. People really like good grammar and spelling. In almost every case consistently immaculate grammar and spelling will increase your conversion rates.
    2. In my experience "Hey {First Name}" is the subject line with the highest open rates. It is informal and personal, it works.
    3. Almost all influencers these days are professionals. They make a living from peddling their influence. Instead of offering cash & or freebies as an incentive, try removing the financial incentive totally. Why is powerful. People love to hear why you are doing what you are doing. Describe what it is you are doing in terms of societal benefits, share your vision and request the favour. People are often willing to do favours for people they like, but they are not willing to work for free (even if the difference is semantic only). Test multiple forms of request, frame it in different contexts until you find what works.
    4. Sometimes getting a response prior to pitching your ask (in the 2nd email) yields higher conversion rates, so keep this in mind and try it out.

    I hope this has been of some value. Good luck with your prelaunch!

  • AP

    Albert Palka

    over 4 years ago #

    Can you give us the background? What type of platform are you building, who are your customers, what markets are you targetting? From my experiences, influencers won't work with you for free so I'm not sure how you could get 1000 of them on-board. With some background information we can definitely have a conversation here :)

    Or... did you mean clients?

    • YS

      Yakin Shah

      about 4 years ago #

      Agree with your comment. Without the feel and touch of the product and its target scene, no one can help or share views.

  • SR

    Sarah Rios

    about 4 years ago #

    Completely agree with Jaya! Great methodology.
    Point 4. I would highly encourage to use some lead generation tools outbound and inbound.
    Outbound as you need to build a list of contacts (salestools, salesfinder, etc).
    Inbound as you might realize you have influencers in niche you absolutely did not expect.

  • JK

    joshua kennedy

    about 4 years ago #

    Hi Tiffany, Im Joshua Kennedy owner of FallenStudios. Im working with a company TwinEngineLabs and through automation we are able to cut costs extreamly low and automate the jobs of a CRM and such(and far beyond this). the first quarter TwinEngineLabs generated over 15,000,000 events with zero failed events. this is one avenue that you could approach. feel free to message me anytime at josh@twinenginelabs.com for some more info.

  • NC

    Nibha Chaudhuri

    about 4 years ago #

    1. Before approaching the influencer, clearly define who your target audience is. This will help you identify the influencers in your field.
    2. Build yourself up as an influencer/thought leader. Influencers get pitches on a regular basis. Prove to them (and your audience/peers), that you are knowledgeable in your field. This will also pave the way for some initial engagement.
    3. Familiarise yourself with your prospective influencer. Right from their posting patterns to their work (all of them are professionals), it'll help you pitch to them better.
    4. Engage with them on social media. Follow them, like/retweet their posts and comment on their work.
    5. In your pitch, you should build a strong enough case for your platform. Financial incentives aren't the best way to go, but you could always offer them product subscriptions, discounts or return the favor on social media.
    You can find some more tips on influencer marketing here: https://blog.drumup.io/blog/influencer-marketing-can-make-or-break-your-business-get-serious-about-it-now/
    Good luck with your business :)