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I'm exploring the topic of product experimentation and would love to know what burning questions or insights you have. I'm looking for your best resources, your go-to sources, your champions. I would love your insights!

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    Martijn Scheijbeler

    over 2 years ago #

    Hi Lindsay,

    That's a great question, I'm assuming with product experimentation you mean that you're optimizing the product for a better user experience and not necessarily about optimizing for conversion rate.
    Resources that I would look into are the Amplitude blog (https://amplitude.com/blog/) they have some good content on optimizing product and how you can use experimentation and analytics to drive new insights about the adoption of your product. Besides that, I would look into ConversionXL, their blog is all about experimentation and the processes around that. That should give you more ideas about what you should be testing and how to set up the right process & strategy to go with that.

    Hope this was useful if you have any more additional questions I'm happy to jump in. This is a topic I'm very excited about.