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  • KI

    Kevin Indig

    over 1 year ago #

    Great question! There's a lot you can do to nurture leads and try to shorten sales cycles. It mainly comes down to educate prospects and give them all the information they need/want, AND to create social proof for your company. The latter is often completely forgotten but is one of the most important aspects for Millennials, the biggest buyer group that now also provides many B2B decision makers.

    So what can you do?

    On your site:
    - Extensive product documentation (don't make it too dry)
    - Product videos
    - FAQs (collect and update them over time)

    Off your site:
    - Send educating Email campaigns
    - Publish content on important industry hubs (INC, Forbes, Bloomberg, etc.)
    - Get prospects on a communication platform such as Slack

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