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Hi! I am managing some pages and I was wondering how my colleagues are finding high quality content to share or get inspired, and increase engagement in the long term.
Which tools or techniques? e.g. I've found out this "Post Planner" but not sure if it is worth trying.
Now I'm using mainly Feedly to search for content.
I am asking this question not only for Saas or services, but also for small physical shops.

  • XM

    Xenia Muntean

    almost 5 years ago #

    I had the same problem when I worked in an agency and managed social media pages for multiple clients. With a new client you have ideas, but as time passes you have to stimulate your inspiration daily. These are the techniques I used:
    - search keywords on BuzzSumo and see what people are sharing most. When you know what keeps people engaged, you can better build something of your own, tailored for your audience.
    - use Slideshare or Emaze to search for presentations related to your topic
    - Portent is a great tool for inspiration. It generates crazy titles that help you get started and stimulates creative ideas.
    - search for stories around your topic on Medium
    - Reddit is the best place to spot the next viral content, share it or remix it creating something new
    - in some case news sites might be a source of inspiration: The New York Times, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed etc
    - I like to search for content on Pinterest, because it is very visual and this inspires me
    - I still use Feedly a lot, but Flipboard too
    - Giphy, Tumblr are good places when you are searching for some fun and entertaining visuals

    Hope this helped :)

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    almost 5 years ago #

    What topics are you audience interested in? The answer for "where" may be different based on "what"

    • SB

      Sara Bisulli

      almost 5 years ago #

      Hi Anuj, thanks for your thoughts. Customers are in different businesses, let's say they're B2C, for instance restaurants. I can post nice contents, but I would like to make sure I'll keep people engaged in the long term, also for a more "static" business (they don't have many events or changes).

      • AA

        Anuj Adhiya

        almost 5 years ago #

        Maybe about it from the perspective of your customer's customer. What content would they find most useful to keep their audience engaged and/or use to convert their audience into paying customers.

        There's a lot of social media/content marketing/email marketing related content that is applicable across the board - no matter who you are or qhat your business is.

        For that of stuff - safe to say - GH itself is a great place to mine for such content :).

  • AM

    Ana Maria Dârstaru

    almost 5 years ago #

    First of all, my advice would be make a list of the posts that received the most engagement on the social media channels you manage. That way, you will get a feel of what works best for a certain audience.
    Then, you could follow and like different social media profiles of businesses that revolve in the same industry as the ones you manage. Search for profiles that are putting some effort into their social media marketing strategy, so that you can learn something from them.
    Look for case studies of social media done right, spend your time on Pinterest, Instagram, Buzzsumo to find what type of content works best, and adapt it to your audience and the business you're promoting.

  • TO

    TheBitterBusiness oconell

    almost 5 years ago #

    You could use scoop.it, bizsugar, Forbes, business 2 community etc. It depends on your industry and what keywords you are targeting. Then there is a host of social insight tools to track/monitor content.

  • SV

    Satya van Heummen

    almost 5 years ago #

    At Fileboard we're using Postjar (http://www.postjar.com). We believe creating content and establishing ourselves as a thought leader is a team effort.
    So Postjar enables everyone in our team to find, create and share content for marketing. It comes with a Chrome extension to easily capture web content.

    It really helped us to provide a steady stream of content input (and output) and reach our goals.

    Another tool we currently trying out is Quuu (http://quuu.co/), which basically auto-posts interesting content using Buffer.