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For every new project (i.e. new websites) I always include a Twitter campaign for its launch. However, apart from Twitter Ads and Promoted Tweets, there are also some tools that can help in growing a community for a Brand on Twitter. I love working with: - TweetDeck - Hootsuite - Twiends - TwitNerd

  • SL

    Sane Lebrun

    over 2 years ago #

    I recommend Owlead.
    We know building a followerbase on Twitter requires often to follow relevant users first. Based on specific criteria (my favorite being the followers of a competitor), Owlead automatically follow a specific number of users everyday, while making sure to stay under Twitter limit. If a user does not follow back after 3 days, he is automatically unfollowed. This allows to keep a healthy following / follower ratio. Also, basically, new followers are real human who made the decision to follow back, = quality users, not at all bots... It means the content they see when checking your account has to be good enough for them to hit the follow button.

    This is smart automation, and Owlead does it great :)

  • JB

    Jess B

    over 2 years ago #

    I've used Audiense (formally SocialBro) for almost 4 year and cannot do without.

    Audiense allows you to see lists of users and some analysis of public information for handles which are following specific users, members of public lists,
    and/or have engaged with specific tweets. It also allows you to do more broad searches, so if you want everyone in the United States who has "digital marketing" in their bio and a public profile and has tweeted in the last 15 days and has over 1,000 followers and is following over 500 people and has a URL included it will give you that list. You can dynamically upload it to Twitter for targeting, or export the list for further analysis.

    For your personal account it allows you to create various reports and do analysis.

    One use case for this, I have an international client so I use Audiense to understand when their active follows in EMEA (and only EMEA) are active on Twitter and then we schedule tweets for those times. A lot of other platforms gives you an overall idea of when your entire audience is online but Audiense allows you to better segment which followers that data is being pulled from.

    There is just so much you can do with it, I cannot recommend it enough.

    I will say though, unlike other platforms it does not automate following/unfollowing but creates a super easy way for you do manually do it. I prefer this to avoid flagging accounts by Twitter when using automated methods that may inadvertently hit an API rate limit.

  • SS

    Sai Shyam Girish

    over 2 years ago #

    I've used crowdfire in the past to automate a lot of my twitter stuff. It worked like a charm and helped take care of a bunch of stuff.

  • ΝΑ


    over 2 years ago #

    i have used many tools, the only one that i liked and i keep using it is narrow.io

  • EM

    Elina Mathew

    4 months ago #

    Hi Gianfranco,

    I am using SocialPilot, and it works excellent!! from posting to analytics to bulk scheduling to content curation...Everything on one Dashboard..I just Loved it!!