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I'd like to grow the audience of a publication relating to news and insight from my industry sector. Can you share any examples of techniques that could apply? Thank you!

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    Chris Von Wilpert

    10 months ago #

    Hey Joe, the most effective way I've found to build an audience off a publication is using content upgrades.

    You make a content upgrade for your post, then:

    1- Add a bonus material link below the headline.
    2- Add a call-to-action in the top 10% of the post.
    3- Add 1-3 contextual calls-to-action in the body of the post.
    4- Add a call-to-action in the bottom 10% of the post.

    I have screenshots of an example of the growth hack here (it's #10 on the list), plus other examples you might find helpful: https://contentmavericks.com/content-marketing-hacks/